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We've Been Featured on Martha Stewart Weddings!

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You know that feeling when you're so excited about something, that your heart rate speeds up, you get goosebumps and your skin feels like it's stinging - or the proper term is tingling? That feeling can only come from being in love, getting ready for a job interview, accomplishing something that you've been working very hard for, and of course your entire wedding day.

Well I had that experience today, on the B train, heading home from work when just before we went below ground, I checked my email to discover that my wedding had been featured on Martha Stewart's Wedding site! Now I've been communicating with the team for almost a year about having the chance to be featured, but when it finally comes to fruition it's such an amazing feeling! Of course I had to wait whole ten minutes before I regained service and could actually see the feature (just imagine my anticipation).

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My husband, family and I crafted the event almost entirely ourselves and I have learned that honest, hard work and patience will be rewarded. This is an industry that I dedicate my passions to and having the chance to share our special day has made it all so much sweeter!

I'm extremely thankful for discovering my gifted photographer, Michelle Gardella. All the best moments were captured beautifully and magically - this would have not been a possibility without she and her husband.

For more pictures from the feature please check out Martha Stewart's Brideside blog and the for the full feature. Below are some unchain images for the feature and these are some of my favorites!

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All images accept for this last one, were taken by Michelle Gardella Photography.


Photography: Michelle Gardella Event planning, stationery, and event design: Lauren Caron Flowers: Garden Gate Florist cake: Something Sweet by Michelle Rentals: CT Rental Center Hair: Sarah Audrey Salon Makeup: Tara Swagger Aesthetics




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What is your favorite thing that comes to mind when the word RED is mentioned? For me, it's Red Lips.

Red lips can be traced back to Upper class Mesopotamians who applied crushed semi-precious jewels to their lips. The Egyptians used a series of materials to create red shaded lips, from a combination of fucus-algin, iodine, and bromine mannite to Cleopatra supposedly using a mixture of crushed carmine beetles and ants to color her lips red.


The ancient Arab cosmetologist, Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi has been credited for inventing the first solid lipsticks, which he described in his writings as perfumed sticks rolled and pressed in special molds. Red lips fell out of fashion when the Catholic Church condemned the use of cosmetics. It wasn't until the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth I favored the look of bright lips paired with pale faces. At some point the trend of red lips were only seen worn on lower class women and prostitutes. It wasn't until the industrial revolution when lipsticks came back into fashion. Manufacturing became easier, prices were lower and film actresses popularized the look.


Now lipstick is a must in women's wardrobes and tells me, that "countless lipstick brands fight for worldwide supremacy and invention of new recipes. Over 80% of women in North America use lipstick regularly and over 30% of them have 20 lipsticks in their possessions in any time of their adult life." It makes me wonder, how many lipsticks do I currently own?


The history of lipstick began with vanity and will continue to stay as long as there is fashion. Maybe it's circumstantial that I immediately connect the color Red with lips, seeing how my work closely relates to the fashion and cosmetic industry. I can't stop thinking though, about how interesting it is how we relate colors and how for every color there seems to be an object or concept applied to it.  Almost like the color's identity must be tied to a subject or a story. thesartorialist.com_01 thesartorialist.com_02 thesartorialist.com_3

facehunter.com_02 facehunter.com_01

Photographer: Michelle Gardella


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  What's your color story?


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Our Honeymoon: The Venice Days

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Venice Photo by: Lauren Caron In regards to posting images about our wedding, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I won't be posting anything for quite some time, but the good news is that there is a well known wedding magazine has expressed interest in featuring our wedding! Because of this exciting opportunity, they have asked that all of my images remain exclusive until published. I don't know if it is really going to happen or how soon, but I will of course keep you posted!


On another note, I can post the lovely images of our Honeymoon. If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that we traveled to Italy. We started our trip in Venice and finished near Lake Como. It was extremely romantic, beautiful and a wonderful experience. In this post I have included the images from our days in Venice. I have some fun iPhone pictures that I will post in the next Venice installment. Our other days, I will reveal soon. Enjoy!

Our Hotel in Venice - Photo by: Lauren

Our Hotel Room - Venice - Photo by: Lauren Caron









Venice - Photos by: Lauren Caron

Venice - Photo by: Lauren Caron





Venice - Photo by: Lauren Caron



Venice - Photo by: Lauren Caron






Venice - Doge Palace - Photo by: Lauren Caron

Venice - Doge Palace - Photo by: Lauren Caron



Venice - Murano - Photo by: Lauren Caron



Venice - Burano - Photo by: Lauren Caron


All photos were with a Nikon, D290. Thanks for reading. My best, Lauren









DYI: Easy Directional Signage

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Clockwise: Rustic Wedding Chic, Martha Stewart Weddings, 100 Layer Cake Sign to purchase from BHLDN or Save on Crafts

If you're hosting a wedding where the guests need a little guidance there are a few sign options available online. These are great if you only need one or two but if you need several of signs the cost will add up and I suggest you make your own.

Our Wedding Signs - Photography by: Michelle Gardella, Designs by: Lauren Caron

For this project you'll need:

  • Wood plank
  • Paint or stain for your background color
  • Paint for script
  • Narrow width synthetic paint brush (1/8" - 1/4")

Continue reading for the how-to and more pictures . . . 

We made signs from old wooden planks but buying a 6" wide x 1/2" thick x 8' long boards from Home Depot or Lowes will do the trick. They're also more than accommodating to cut down the planks to needed lengths. I suggest 1' lengths which will give you 8 pieces per board.


Because we had already purchased one chalkboard sign from, I decided it would be best to keep the colors consistent. We painted the boards black and used white paint for the script.


I would categorize myself as a lazy DIY-er because I tend to do things quickly and with little research ahead of time. I like to figure things out as the project goes along so for example, when making these signs I wrote my script freehand. You can be more careful and plan yours with chalk and measure out the distance for each letter. If you're using a printed style font I would actually recommend doing that. The one great thing for a lazy DIY-er though is that you can always paint over your mistakes, which is something a I did more than once.


The final result, some darling directional signs. The total cost of eight signs, $7 - $14 per board (depending on the wood you use) + 1 pint of paint for background paint + 1 sample sized pot for lettering = $10 - $35.

Photos by: Michelle Gardella Photography, Designs by: Lauren Caron


Photos by: Michelle Gardella Photography, Designs by: Lauren Caron

The best thing about this project is that you don't only have to use it for a wedding, but any party or event will benefit from these functional and attractive signs.


Thanks for reading . .  my best, Lauren


Wedding: Ideas & Planning, Where to Begin

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The Barn - Reception Entrance. Photography by Michelle Gardella Photography The best place for any bride to begin planning their wedding is with a story.  A visual story that describes the couple's style and pulls together a cohesive theme.  To make the event special it is important to go beyond just a color theme.  Colors are elements that help in the narration of the story but having a strong concept in mind will really let your guests know who you are and what you are drawn to. I had a million ideas floating around when I thought of what my dream wedding would be, but to solidify the story and really nail down the experience, I needed to sort out the specifics and decide which details were most important to me. The concepts I had from the start were based around my style and taste and relate to our most favorite places that we had visited as a couple. Paris is a city that is very dear our hearts, and I just love all things French, vintage, and charming. Which meant there were a number of to pick from. My top three choices were: a Nouveau Style Affair, a Rococo extravaganza or a Carnival Theme with a French flair. How did we make our final decision? Read on to see. . .

Academy Gardens - Photo by Michelle Gardella Photography

The next part for any wedding is to choose a location, because that will always force you to finalize the overall style. If you choose to get married on a beach in St. John you can not hold a Texas barn party. Our options were slim, and really, I didn't have much of a choice. We played with the idea of the the Boat House in Prospect Park, or a wedding in Paris but the only location that would feel right, would be to have our wedding at my parent's home. Growing up, my mother had her garden, she worked everyday in it and started a business based around her passion. She did garden design and consulting, sold rose bushes and rented out the property for small wedding ceremonies. The garden in the 90s was featured in Country Home, Better Homes & Gardens, and Fine Gardening.  As you can imagine, the location is gorgeous, the perfect place for nuptials. Deciding on this location would dictate the mood, creating a garden party feel for the ceremony and a slightly rustic feel with barn reception. We didn't want a "rustic" wedding so I would have to push the space to it limits and make it the most glamorous that I could without losing the integrity. These elements combined meant that our wedding theme would be most cohesive with the Vintage French Carnival approach.


Soon after our date was chosen as we had to coordinate with the Inn next door about blocking off enough rooms for our guests. We had a basic idea of what we wanted and of the weekends that were available at the end of May early June, 6.1.13 would be our favorite option. Then came the fun part, working on all of the decor and fashion details. Which is where I will leave off for now, next post will be about the decor!  Yippee!

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Thanks for reading. . . my best, Lauren