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TREND | Coveting Copper & Kitchen Updates

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I've recently had several discussions with friends and acquaintances about how the rosy metal finish of copper is creeping into event design and interiors (mostly in seen kitchens and decorative accessories). Copper pots have long been a standby but the once too rustic or country finish is making a comeback in a more sophisticated and appealing approach. I would credit some of this comfort of the finish to the recent love of brass that came about over the past few years. With the quick turnaround of trends recently, people are clammering for the next best thing, which in turn leaves us to pine for something different. But when you really think about it, there are only so many metal finishes, and most importantly there are really only two tones - warm or cool. Luckily, going forward, I don't think any can be entirely out of fashion as we once projected. My mother loves to use the example of how, when they moved into their house in 1987, Stainless steel was so OUT and looking back over the last 10 years, Stainless Steel appliances were EVERYTHING. I think now it's about a mix. It's not necessarily in fashion to go with all one or the other but to create a smart mix of materials that pair well together. Adding subtle accents of copper will add an extra layer of warmth to your existing cool toned stainless steel appliances, or a touch of romance to table setting at parties and events. 



My Kitchen - The new tea kettle and mills. Photography by Lauren L Caron © 2015

My Kitchen - The new tea kettle and mills. Photography by Lauren L Caron © 2015

My Kitchen - The recent update of my kitchen, with the almost finished backsplash, and the new copper accessories to bring in a touch of warmth. Photography by Lauren L Caron © 2015

My Kitchen - The recent update of my kitchen, with the almost finished backsplash, and the new copper accessories to bring in a touch of warmth. Photography by Lauren L Caron © 2015

As I'm slowly finishing my kitchen (if you follow any of my social media platforms you've seen that I'm unapologetically obsessed with my 35 sq. ft marble backsplash that was installed last month - still not finished, the grout is awaiting it's set) I've also started to slowly invest in 'over 30' accessories, which include an English Simplex copper tea kettle & brass and copper mills (happy finds on Amazon). I'm really excited about how the progress of this space, the back splash gives it a more sophisticated look and the copper accents are warming up all the stainless steel, grays and whites. it's taking an especially long time, I know. I am more eager than anyone to finish it!

Additionally, I'm dreaming of the day when I can finally invest in a new oven and range. I'm not quite sure what that will be, but there are some dreamy options that are not all one finish of stainless steel, black or white. I especially am loving the Lacanche ranges that pair brass knobs, stainless details with a solid colored cooker (I'd go with white, black or anthracite for my kitchen).  Hopefully soon I can do a full kitchen reveal but for now you'll have to enjoy the above teaser.

Want to see the before photos of the apartment, follow this link to what it looked like when we purchased this apartment. 

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SPACES | Kitchen Updates: New Microwave

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The last time I posted about my kitchen I debated on which over-the-range microwave to purchase. The decision was made and I chose the Frigidaire. I bought the microwave over a month ago and the giant box has been sitting in our living room until tonight. First it was the dishwasher, then the microwave, I can only guess that next will be the box of tiles I just ordered. In order to put the microwave up we had to remove the existing fan above the oven and cut down the top cabinet. Because the microwave should be mounted 18 - 24" above the oven range and I dislike the look of a microwave being a lot higher than the cabinets I decided to keep it at the same height as the old fan. That also meant we would have to either replace the above cabinet or adjust it to fit.  If you have read any of my previous posts you'd understand that we can not repurchase my cabinet doors, so we must work with the ones we've got. With that said, we cut the length to fit, the excess space between the bottom of the door and the top of the microwave perfectly stores my cookbooks. I'd say, we lucked out on that.

After some struggling, which includes blood, sweat and some swearing (on Jack's part) we managed to install the microwave! This appliance is yet another piece to the kitchen puzzle. Up next, the tiles.

Thanks for reading.

SPACES | Design Vent: More Kitchen Talk

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Can I just say kitchen design is so difficult! And expensive! Piece by piece I have been working on my kitchen and it seems more like $400 increment by $400 increment I'm making progress. From the appliances to the tiles to the hardware everything seems to cost about that much each time. My next step is finding the right microwave oven. I need to purchase one that can live over our oven, not my favorite look but the best solution for our small kitchen. the one we currently have has been dubbed the Devil of all microwaves. It's seriously possessed. Sometimes it just stops working, and other times it will turn on for no reason. Once, it stopped running and all the numbers lit up to 666666! TRUTH. In addition to its satanic ways the thing is ugly and ill fitting. So I'm on the hunt for a prettier and more angelic option specifically in stainless steel to coordinate with the rest of the appliances.

What I've learned through research is that microwaves are typically deeper than their cabinet neighbors. Why is that? Isn't it strange and annoying. What a terrible design conundrum. I understand that microwaves must be a certain depth to house dishes but why do standard cabinets have to be so shallow? As you can see above in the few nice examples that I've found after scouring Pinterest (check out my board for a few more) that other people have learned to deal with this issue so I must too.

I've narrowed my search down to these three options, and probably will go with the Frigidaire even though I wish the Bosch rated a little better, and was a little more attractive because I'm a sucker for brands and labels and we already have a dishwasher by the same maker. It gives me a weird feeling to mix labels in kitchens. I guess it's more important to buy based on performance and the Frigidaire actually has a great rating and is less expensive.  I also have a Frigidaire range which works great. If you have any feedback or suggestions on other brands, I'd love to hear it.