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Thanksgiving Table | Photo by: Lauren L Caron © 2015

Thanksgiving Table | Photo by: Lauren L Caron © 2015

Thanksgiving is just behind us, marking it the time of year when we consider our lives and the loved ones within them. Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with someone close to them, whether that be family or friends. 

This year, I am looking back at the changes I made to my career, which like dominos effected almost every part of my life. I am greatly connected to my work, so it tends to make its way into other areas of my life. This blog for example, although it's a means of expression and personal, it's also very much related to what I do for a living. I can hardly believe it but, it's now been one year since I made the jump from a full time employee to a full time entrepreneur, starting a small design business.

Not to sound too deep or profound, I think I can now look back at my last day on the job being a turning point in my young adult life. It was one week before Thanksgiving, I had just completed a marathon week, doing 5 straight overnights, setting up the holiday decorations and installations in the store. I was exhausted.

At first it was a really scary concept, a feeling similar those seconds before you jump off a dock into a dark lake. You know the jump won't physically hurt you (as long as you can swim), but the unknown is still impressively unnerving and almost enough to hold you back. Dipping your toes won't really give you the answers you're looking for in order to know if it'll be fine. It's just having faith in the fact that there are others who have done it before you and they have either swam or perhaps struggled at first only to be saved from the support of friends or family, or through their own endurance. With the backing of my husband, friends, family and advice from other entrepreneurs, I decided to take the leap and see what could happen. 

At first it was enlightening, feeling like I was finally set free to do what I wanted and to breath a little. Then came thoughts of insecurity and the daunting question of oh sh*t, what did I do? But over time I continued to network and when I didn't have enough paid work, I created other work to keep myself busy. Pretty soon I was working full time hours on a consistent basis and had built a healthy list of clients. 

I learned the true meaning of feast or famine and also how to work my way through that. I've also learned about myself as an individual and how I most thrive. I am a product of the ADHD generation, having to do too many things at once in order to remain focused and interested in whatever it is that I'm doing. Which is why I enjoyed my role at Bergdorfs greatly, but being able to expand my reach into interiors, styling and events has been wonderful for my psyche and creative soul.  

Now I can see that I'm extremely happy I made those changes and am so grateful for the courage I had to do that. Above all, I'm most grateful for my support system. It means the world to have such a wonderful network of people who are encouraging and honest (sometimes to a fault). That can be so important in keeping you grounded, while still pushing forward. 

This following year will be just as important as the last, as I now have to adjust my strategies and realign goals with the reality that has been set in front of me. I actually feel more pressure to be successful in this year than I may have in the last. I'm sure some thought I was was crazy and perhaps it's partially been luck, but will really make or break my plan will be how this upcoming year goes. If it's more successful than the last financially than we'll know it wasn't a fluke, but that I'm meant to make it on my own. 

Cobble Hill Mantel | Photo by: Lauren L Caron © 2015

Cobble Hill Mantel | Photo by: Lauren L Caron © 2015

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who follow along and read the blog. Many of you may be silent supporters, but I believe your there,  and I truly appreciate having a network of readers who also garner support in various ways. 

Here's to finishing off 2015 with positive vibes and good wishes for the next year, that's just around the corner!

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For those who don't know, I somewhat recently moved on from my visual manager position at Bergdorf Goodman. I have dropped hints over the last few months and my close friends and family have known my plans, but it wasn't right until now that it truly seemed the right time to formally announce my next endeavor. This spring, I launched a design company called Union Adorn. We specialize in interior design, retail design for visual merchandising and creative services, event design, and styling. 

Using the skills I've gained over the years at Bergdorfs, Tiffany's, and my earlier years freelancing at Ralph Lauren, Macy's, Brooks Brothers. I wanted to build a boutique design company that is strongly focused on representing exceptional taste while remaining grounded in the fundamentals of refined design, particularly catered to each client. While our main clientele is smaller independent brands and personal clients, we have also been collaborating with larger brands on special projects. 

There are plans to grow the business into a design collective, with hopes to bring on at least two more lead designers in addition to my silent partner. We will be working towards building a brand that will capitalize on each other's taste, diverse skills sets and styles. I've always had a strong affinity to beauty and anything that I create has to maintain a sense of elegance, so it was only natural that the company's mission is to respect beauty and everything it envelops. Together we are united in beauty. 

Please feel free to introduce yourself to the brand via our website [] and social media platforms [Twitter, Instagram + Pinterest - @unionadorn] where we plan to document current and upcoming projects. 


I'm truly excited about the work that I've been doing under this brand, and am so excited to be able to eventually share these projects in depth A few projects that I can only hint to have dealings with hotel design, residential design, major renovation of an incredible store, presentation upgrades for a boutique jewelry company, and an opening of a sought-after tattoo artist's shop. So please stay tuned for more eye candy. I hope you can follow along on this endeavor and be there as we grow, through the gains and pains of small business!

Any questions or further interest please feel free to contact us at