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New York Fashion Week

Trends: Post Labor Day Whites & Already Missing Summer

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It's unbelievable the difference a week makes. Last weekend it was close to 90ºF in New York and just this weekend it was only hovering around the upper 60's and low 70's. The cold spike is already causing me to look back at our summer that was much too short. At least I have hours of NYFW slideshows to scan through, that feature trends which are already giving me hope for the seasons ahead. One apparent trend is the complete looks outfitted in layers of whites and off-whites, seen across the board, from high-end luxury labels to the contemporary designers. In my opinion, the best variations came from The Row where they experimented with wrapping textiles across the torso, and Lela Rose, who utilized luxe metallic patterned textiles, shaped into the ultra feminine, classic silhouettes - like fit and flair and A- lines. The Row / Image from / Photo courtesy of The Row

The Row /Image from / Photo courtesy of The Row

The Row /Image from / Photo courtesy of The Row

The Row / Image from / Photo courtesy of The Row

Steven Alan / Image from / Photo Courtesy of Steven Allen

Ralph Rucci / Image from / Photo: Livio Valerio /

3.1 Phillip Lim / Image from / Photo: Fabio Ionà /

Lela Rose / Image from / Photo: Livio Valerio /

Lela Rose / Image from / Photo: Livio Valerio /

Lela Rose / Image from / Photo: Livio Valerio /


Lela Rose / Image from / Photo: Livio Valerio /

Zac Posen / Photo from / Photo: Fabio Ionà /

Zac Posen / Photo from / Photo: Fabio Ionà /

Zac Posen / Photo from / Photo: Fabio Ionà /

Zac Posen / Photo from / Photo: Fabio Ionà /

Victoria Beckham / Image from / Photo: Gianni Pucci /

Erin Featherston / Image from / Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

Of course I find myself relating these fashion looks back to my favorite genre of interiors. Where else have I seen a similar trend even on a much smaller scale, but in the Vogue Living Australia May/June issue that features the Danish family home of CEO and president of Fritz Hansen, Jacob Holm and his wife Fabara Bendix Becker. The palette is light, pale and cool with the blush tones of the swan chair standing out.

Raul Candales

Photo from Vogue Living Australia | PhotographerL Raul Candales | Stylist: Susan Ocana

Here's to hoping this upcoming winter isn't too long or brutal this year. If it is I will surely need an extra beach vacation.

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Fashion: Rosemary Baby's Inspires Altuzarra's 2015 Spring RTW Collection

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Altuzarra-Target-Look-Book-Cover With Alturzarra being the next designer to partner with Target, (the collection hit stores on September 14th) I had to scope out their runway show for the 2014 New York Fashion week. With the first set of looks all in Gingham, I first remembered Prada's collection from last year, then quite swiftly, Altuzarra's personality came out to show the sexy play of purity and seduction. Slits are high, necklines low, exposing just the right amount of skin. What I find interesting however, is where he drew his inspiration from. The designer explained that he was looking to Rosemary's Baby and Barry Lyndon for inspiration. "Both movies are so beautiful, but it's an ill-fated, sinister beauty. Which I liked." With that insight, I can see through patterns, textiles and colors moments from both of these films.

This summer I decided to re-watch Rosemary's Baby to pull inspiration for interiors. Aside from being so well known for the story and Mia Farrow's haircut, it is still relevant today in many ways. First, her hair, secondly, her wardrobe (clearly set in the sixties, but some pieces could easily be worn on today's streets), and lastly, the interiors - the remodeling she does in that apartment is just gorgeous and classic.  How kindred did I feel to discover that he too was looking to this film for inspiration, even if it was for completely different genre of creative expression.

For Rosemary's Baby, it's undoubtably the gingham looks and perhaps the skirt suits that inspiration is drawn from. Also, there is a tangerine and white patterned dress in the collection that is reminiscent of a white and yellow dress that Rosemary wears in the film.

Rosemary's Baby Inspired Looks




Rosemarys-Baby-1 spring92

Looking at Barry Lyndon, I see more of the soft silky textiles and tonal prints that look to have been inspired by the fashions in the film.

Barry Lyndon Inspired Looks




8_Scene-from-Barry-Lyndon-001 13_medium 0812-lyndon

Aside from the obvious pieces that drew inspiration from these films, my favorite pieces were from the black and white striped set of outfits. How fresh is it to have vertical stripes and how cool is it to mix and match the large with small scale.





Once again I am impressed by the way creative geniuses are able to pull inspiration from almost anywhere. The best are those that can do so abstractly, making sure not to copy.  Looking back on NYFW, did you come across any favorite or spectacular collections? I'd love to hear your feedback.

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Fashion Week Nor'easter

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winterboots Happy Friday! Mother nature is bringing the Northeast a gift in the form of snow today. She's planning to drop it off right at the beginning of New York Fashion Week. I really can't wait to see what people will be wearing to the shows! I'm definitely going to be sporting my warm and dry L.L.Bean boots. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.


My best, Lauren