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I recently purchased a new computer and have been slightly lazy about moving all of my photos over to the new. So today as I started the process, I stumbled onto a few albums that made me feel really nostalgic. One in particular was from trip we took to visit a dear family friend who was an amazingly talented artist. These pictures were taken as Will casually showed us around his beautiful home on the Northshore of Massachusetts. Although you would never know, this property is new only built about 15 years ago, the house was constructed from original parts and pieces of dismantles homes that Will had purchased. 

Will was a student of Pratt in the 70s, where he learned the art of restoration. He made his living bringing old houses back to their authentic selves and transformed new to feel old. He painted numerous murals though out the Northeast, some of which can be seen in Old Sturbridge Village. Side note: he also painted the floors of my parent's entry hall - a faux tiled marble. Aside from painting, he created sculptures, that were life like fantastical creatures, as well as people that he would place in his home, the gardens or even on the front lawn. The Victorian lady was made of miscellaneous cloths and textiles he had gathered, she was weatherized to live outside - to walk aimlessly throughout the property, set wherever to fit Will's whim. 

He was the one to push me and inspire me to move to New York and pursue my passions. Making me forever grateful of our relationship. It's people like Will that make our lives so special and memorable. They're eccentric, imaginative and wonderful. Treasure them. 

The Victorian lady's face was cast from the above bust. 

The Victorian lady's face was cast from the above bust. 

Will taking us through the gardens...and his home. His art studio was a beautiful mess.

My mother and Will bought the same wallpaper - my Mom's is in her bedroom. 

My mother and Will bought the same wallpaper - my Mom's is in her bedroom. 

These pictures are from rooms throughout his home... not styled, just as it was.


All photographs were taken by Lauren L Caron © 2015

What did you do for Mother Earth today?

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photo credits: The Conservatory Garden in NYC by Lauren Gries

I'm all about the lists today so hold your horses and get ready:

1.  Today I ate at a vegan organic restaurant . .  . . fantastic by the way, its new, Terri Vegetarian, please check it out. Please eat the 'Bacon Chick'n Cheddar Ranch' Sandwich or the 'Meatball' Sub. They're so delicious!

How does eating vegetarian help the environment?

  1. It takes an average of 2,500 gallons of water to produce a single pound of meat. According to Newsweek, "The water that goes into a 1,000 pound steer could float a destroyer." In contrast, it takes only 25 gallons of water to produce one pound of wheat.
  2. Upwards of half of the water used in the U.S. is used for animal agriculture.
  3. Feeding a person who eats no food derived from animals requires only 1/6 acre per year
  4. Since so much fossil fuel is needed to produce it, beef could be considered a petroleum product. With factory housing, irrigation, trucking, and refrigeration, as well as petrochemical fertilizer production requiring vast amounts of energy, approximately one gallon of gasoline goes into every pound of grain-fed beef.
  5. It takes twenty pounds of soybeans to feed to a cow to make one pound of meat. Those same amounts of soybeans could help fed all the starving people of the world.

Vegan Outreach: if you're interested in more information

2.  I used less motorized transportation by walking across town.

3.   I just got off my but to turn the lights off in the kitchen.

I'm sure I could have done more eco-friendly things on Earth Day, but the big thing about going green in life is to take baby steps.  I think the magic number of days it takes to break a habit is 21. Thats not so bad, right?  Think about it, if you decide to take one step at a time on your quest for the "greener" you it can happen in only 21 days! That is less than a month!

photo Credits: The Conservatory Garden in NYC by Lauren Gries

A few months ago I bought the book Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life by Sophie Uliano. This book is great, it is so helpful and so inspirational.  As the title suggests, its broken down into eight chapters that lead you in your path to becoming greener. Through such ways as diet, beauty, clothing (soulful shopping as she calls it), fitness, making your home more eco-friendly, eco-friendlier vacations and entertainment.  What I really enjoy about this book is how there are quick checklists that you can use as you make your life a little bit greener.

I've already changed over all of my beauty products to being paraben, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) free.

Another great book I have been absolutely in love with is The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

This book is more focused on your diet that results in a greener lifestyle. Its awesome! I love her tone of voice and the way she writes.  I have learned so much while reading this book and lets just say, I will not allow myself to be "addicted to cheese" anymore!!!  If you want to figure that part out you need to read the book. I haven't even started cooking yet.

My V-Day

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Valentines Day was my six year anniversary of being a vegetarian. I can still remember that last time I sat down to gorge on fried chicken, buffalo chicken and chicken parmesan. I thought chicken would be the only animal that I would miss eating. Thankfully, I have plenty of meat substitutes to eat so I don't miss chicken all.  But being vegetarian is something that is very near and dear to my heart.  I became a vegetarian for the main reason of the disaster that is our nation's meat industry.This photo is from my sister's flickr page she also has a blog called: Art is the Handmaid of Human Good

There has been a lot of talk about food recently. So much so that Oprah did a show called Food 101, where she featured a few inspiring individuals who's have made a point to better their lives as well as many others.  Her guests included the author Michael Pollan, Chipotle's Steve Ells and the actress Alicia Silverstone.

Michael Pollan gave the viewers some simple food rules to follow (He recently wrote the book called "Food Rules".  He says that the food on the shelves in our super market is NOT really food!  He likes to call it, "Edible Food Like Substances"  Our Western diet is what's causing many of our food related diseases and Pollan goes into this further on this clip from and the full list of his rules are found in his book.

• Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.

• Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third grader could not pronounce

• Eat only foods that will eventually rot. Food is alive and it will die.

One great thing I took from watching the film Food Inc. is to eat as much organic and local food that you can. Also eating according to season will help you to be so much healthier. I mean thats what the French do!  Another thing I try to do is to not eat anything that comes in a plastic bag, which is actually very hard.  I have to remind myself everything I go on lunch break and begin to grab that bag of potato chips (even if they're natural).  But anyways I'm not trying to preach or teach I just wanted to voice my opinions. I have plans to order the following books and I would encourage any reader to check them out as well:

Food Rules by: Michael Pollan

The Kind Diet by: Alicia Silverstone  (Silverstone is a vegan and here diet is very much based on the macrobiotic diet as well She calls her diet "The Kind Diet" because not only is it kind to the earth, but to your body as well. Plus it has some great recipes in the back!)

Gorgeously Green by: Sophie Uliano (This book goes much further into living a green life than just food, but there are a lot of helpful hints on eating)

Master your Metabolism by: Jillian Michaels (the biggest loser)

Lastly, I hope everyone in America and even the rest of the world will watch the film Food Inc. It is amazing and so insightful!  Its also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Day 14: Paris Trip

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I'm sitting in my friend's sister apartment in the Latin Quarter on Boulevard St. Germain using her internet. This apartment is beautiful with the fire place and terrace. I haven't been able to use the internet since we changed from the dorm to the hotel. Since I last posted we visited the Grand Palais, Trend Union, Didier Ludot (little black dress store),  Marais (for shopping), Musee D'Orsay, Alsace, Kenzo, The Pompedou museum, the Luxembourg Gardens and Versailles. I have so many pictures to post so I'll put the best ones up from each place.


Grand Palais


Grand Palais


A Hotel called Caron . . . (the woman told me not to post the name on the internet but I liked the key)


Roses outside of Notre Dame


Notre Dame


A motorcycle that burnt down


Musee L'Orangerie - Monet's Waterlillies


A cute little Border Terrier


Fountain at the Luxembourg Gardens


The Luxembourg Palace


Alley looking down


Alley looking up


Didier Ludot The Little Black Dress shop


This woman was fabulous


Trend Union Coat Rack


Textile showroom that carries vintage and contemporary fabrics.


Actual fabric that is in Louis XIV  bedroom.


The search continues

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We looked at apartments today and we found a wonderful one that we couldn't afford. It was 1995.00 a month, really big 1 bedroom, with a backyard!!!! Oh how I dream of a garden! But still it was out of our price range.  We accidentally looked at it because we responded to another ad for an open house in that building that had a one bedroom for 1750, which ended up not being what we wanted. Boohoo. We're looking at a  place tomorrow for 1650.00 with a backyard. We'll see how that turns out. fingers crossed! p1040870

I understand this space looks shabby, but its the great amounts of potential that excites me.

picture-11 picture-2 picture-3