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Can’t Get Zig Zags Off My Mind: Chevron Stripes

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The Chevron pattern seems to be playing out everywhere. It's zig zagging all over the design world. You'd think we'd be sick of it by now, but we aren't. I have a feeling that the chevron stripe is here to stay, for at least a little while - I read somewhere that they're calling it the "skinny jean of design."  You can find this pattern on everything from wallpaper to pillows, and jewelry to Iphone cases.  There's a playfulness in the movement that zig zags create, which must be why it suites so many surfaces.

The classic black and white stripes are seen most often in interiors.  The neutral palette sets the stage for bold pops of color, similar to the images above.  When the stripes are  in the area rugs, it brings another a level of interest to the foundation of a room.  They work in both contemporary and neo-traditional environments as well.

One of my favorite home product elements that come with a chevron pattern, are the numerous pet beds from I'm thinking about incorporating a little chevron into our home through this venue - I know Rita wants an update to her current bed. The square shaped beds are by Martha and Ash and come in many colors and the round shaped beds are by Pet Design, which also come in assorted colors and prints.

Fashion has taken to the chevron as well.  This woman's pants are so chic with the classic blazer and knit.  The monogram Iphone case from Etsy is just so cute (I really want one) and look at that Tory Burch Throw! Anyone else have any opinions on the zig zag? Do you like it, love it, or hate it?

Holiday Ornaments

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I'm finally feeling the Christmas spirit! We decorated the tree this past week, began Christmas shopping and settled on our plans with the family.

Every year that I decorate the tree I reminisce about years past with each ornament I hang. I know it sounds cheesy but really in my mind, ornaments are one of the greatest Christmas elements.  I made a point after moving out of my parent's house to put up a tree every year.  In order to build my collection, I started purchasing  a new ornament each year. It never failed that my mom took part in this tradition as well (thanks mom!).  Then when Jack and I began living together we carried on the tradition.  In addition to ones purchased around Christmas, we try to purchase ornaments as souvenirs when we travel.

I thought it would be fun to pull together some of my the favorite ornaments I've discovered across the web this year.  I think I'm going to have buy Blaze the circus horse!  I hope these little treasures can inspire you to start a new tradition yourselves.  Anyone have a favorite holiday tradition to share?

On another note, a great place to purchase wonderful ornaments is Anthropologie and they happen to have a great website for their ornaments this year.  So great, that almost of all them are sold out! You must take a peak though, they've animated all of the ornaments and it's really sweet! To Visit Anthropologie's Branch Bunch click [here].

Dogs on Furniture

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I always love pictures of pets on furniture, dogs especially.  I must admit, one of my favorite passtimes is taking Instagram photos of my favorite little dog Rita relaxing on our furniture.

Today I stumbled upon this Etsy shop Sibling Rivalrie, photographer Winnie Au who has snapped dozens of great photos of just that subject matter.  The Etsy shop Sibling Rivalrie is a business owned by 3 sisters living in 3 separate cities.  Winnie is the youngest and based out of New York City.  She specializes in photographing dogs, capturing their inscrutable moods on film and immortalizing their creature curiosity for humans to ponder. If you'd like to purchase any of this photographs, feel free to check out their shop.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Photos by Winnie Au, for sale through Sibling Rivalrie on