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SPACES | Design Crush: The Palihouse Hotel, Part 2 - Get The Look

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As seen on the blog yesterday, both Palihouse Hotel locations are centered around an eclectic mix of Midcentury, Victorian, and Industrial Interior Design styles. The design elements that stand out and remain consistent are: tufted upholstery, Saarinen style tables, toile wall coverings, plaid textiles, dark woods and rich blues. Keeping in mind those elements, you can pull together a space that will feel very much like your own Palihouse Hotel at home. For the most part the products I found are very reasonably priced too - just keep in mind putting your money towards a nice sofa or a great console is wise. Especially when they're classic pieces.

My Best
My Best

A 1942 Paris Apartment Left Untouched is Discovered: How Incredible?!

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Paris Apartment - Image Source: Bello Blog I'm curious to find out why until now this story hasn't been revealed but . . . Back in 2010 a Parisian apartment on the Right Bank, near the Opéra Garnier, left unoccupied since 1942 was discovered.

Paris Apartment - Image Source: Bello Blog

Paris Apartment - Image Source: Bello Blog


Paris Apartment - Image Source: Bello Blog

It was owned by a socialite, actress, Madame de Florian who fled to the South of France during World War II and left everything behind. For years she continued to pay her rent and unfortunately never returned. It was until after she passed away at 91, did someone reenter the apartment.


Over 70 years later, an Auctioneer entered to evaluate the estate. Olivier Choppin- Janvry made the discovery, "There was a smell of old dust."


Paris Apartment - Image Source: Bello Blog


He discovered a stuffed ostrich, a Mickey Mouse toy dating from before the war amongst other taxidermy pieces. Which was a sign of affluence to have in the home.

Paris Apartment - Image Source: Bello Blog

Another discovery, perhaps even more interesting to some, they found a painting by Giovanni Boldini. Madame de Florian herself, was the subject who turned out to be the artist's former muse. The expert found a card with a scribbled love note from Boldini, the painting was sold for €2.1 million, which was a world record for the artist.

Paris Apartment - Image Source: Bello Blog

The rest of the apartment and it's components are being left undisturbed. They're privately owned by the estate and not open to the public. Other than the fact that this gem of a story is an amazing fairy tale come true, I'm in love with the idea that it will continue to be left a time capsule until the estate decides to do differently. One can only hope that someday it will be on view at a museum and not separated to be sold for individuals. This is just another example of why Paris is so fantastic and romantic. An apartment in New York would NEVER be left untouched, even if someone continued to pay rent. Swoon. . .


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Thank you to the Bello Blog for supplying us with this wonderful story and images. .

The Latest & Greatest Flea Finds

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In September I finally had the chance to make it to Brimfield. The May Brimfield is usually the best but sometimes you can get some good finds in July and September. I ended up lucking out and finding some great pieces. Now I'm sure all the dealers went in and swooped up the best of the best before I even arrived but unfortunately, this girl has to work for a living and being there on Tuesday at 4 AM is just not possible. My purchases include a  series of hot air balloon prints framed all together, a pair of ceramic parrots and finally, a porter chair! LaurenLCaron©Balloons_01

The Frame - perfect for my collection and so right considering my wedding and love of hot air balloons.






The Birds - They're not super valuable and not in the best of condition. They had a strange layer of brown applied to them to hide the blemishes and chips. I have since removed most of the brown and am okay with the wear and tear. I'm now in search of a pair of Roccoco style gilded brackets that are a large enough depth to support these two. They're slated to be mounted to my bedroom wall.

LaurenLCaron©PorterChair_02 LaurenLCaron©PorterChair_03 LaurenLCaron©PorterChair_04

The Chair - When in the world do you find a Porter chair for $500? When it's this ugly! Now, I know it's so bad right now and all I can imagine is that it was used on the set of Dynasty at one point, but I'm really excited because I have big plans for it! I'm going to remove the gold paint and of course reupholster it. If this chair wasn't so unique in structure I would attempt to do it myself but I'm a little concerned that I may make too many mistakes and waste precious fabric. The fabric I'm using for the chair is more expensive than my usual, because I really want to make a good investment. In the end it is not going to be cheap, but it will be beautiful and exactly what I've always wanted - a handsome porter chair.

5073_06 5073_05

I'm leaning towards the dark mushroom colored brown velvet by Pollack Fabrics but I may go for the lighter mushroom colored one. It's composed of Bamboo, Linen and Cotton and it's finish is so chic! I'm planning to repaint the wood a light warm french gray - probably going to choose a Farrow & Ball color. (Here's a tip - buy two sample pots it will be more than enough paint to cover the whole chair and will cost less than $20!) For finishing details I'm going use dark brass nail heads just along the outside and back of the chair. The nail heads will definitely add to the cost but really, they'll be so chic. I'll post the progress soon. I've already met with the upholsterer, so I can assure you, it's in the works. Thanks for reading.



Kids Rooms That I Could Live In

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My Brother and Sister-In-Law are so close to having their baby and I am so excited for them. She's expecting in the next week or so (I'm placing my bets that the baby will arrive on Wednesday the 28th). With that in mind I've come across some darling kids rooms that make me swoon. So much so, that I feel like I could move right in. Kelli has finished the design of their daughter-to-be's room but I have yet to see it. I'm sure it will lovely and extremely cute. While browsing, I came across the Restoration Hardware Baby and Child line and I am so smitten, how wonderful is their collection?! A MUST see!





Below are some of my favorites the Restoration Hardware - Baby & Child line, I could use anyone of these pieces in a room.



1. Hot Air Balloon Crystal Pendant - $749

2. Demilune Gilt Crown Bed Canopy - $299

3. Vintage Map Dress - $599

4. Faux Fur Pillow Cover - $45

5. Emelia Desk - $719

6. European Vintage-Washed Damask Matelassé Collection- $19 - $159


7. French Vintage Chaise - $1049


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Oh Baby, Oh Baby

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A Jar of Butter Mints with Flowers for Baby Shower Decorations Last weekend we hosted a baby shower at my parents. It was to celebrate the upcoming birth of my brother and sister-in-law's first child.  Soon to be my niece! Kelli, the mommy-to-be, is a nature loving, down to earth kind of lady. We wanted to throw her a very special party, making sure she would be the center of attention. The decor was inspired by her tastes, using wild flowers and ferns, accents of bunnies, and of course, since she's having a girl we had to add touches of pink. We used all of our own furniture, including a set of bentwood chairs, which were on sale for $50 each, from Restoration Hardware that we used for seating at the tables. We also had jams made for the favors by Liebe is Jam. They produced custom labels for the event to match the invitations that had been sent out.  The cake was a big hit, custom made for the event to coordinate with the invitation as well. I'd say the event was a sweet success.

The favors were by Liebe is Jam - They produced custom labels for the event. Photograph by: Lauren Caron

Favors by Liebe is Jam. Photograph by: Lauren Caron

Photograph by: Lauren Caron




DSC_4112_1 DSC_4011_2

Photograph by: Lauren Caron


Favors by Liebe is Jam. Photograph by: Lauren Caron




Photograph by: Lauren Caron Fourth Floor Walk Up © 2013


Baby Shower Invite Mailer, designed by: Lauren Caron - Fourth Floor Walk Up © 2013

Thanks for reading. My best, Lauren