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SPACES | Squeezing In A Dining Moment | Part Deux

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If you read my last post on the dining moment you would have learned that I recently purchased a small Saarinen style tulip table for my living room to create a dining moment. You can read all about that [here]. Since then, I have reupholstered the pretty little French chairs that I purchased at Brimfield this Spring in a coral-y, pink color to work with my Porter chair that I also recently acquired. I never really thought of myself as a pink person, much less choosing that color for our apartment but it looks sophisticated and slightly unexpected.  I also found that mirror on a trip to the North Shore in Massachusetts at a consignment shop called The Stock Exchange. If interested in a mirror similar to the one pictured, there are many on I found one [here].

My husband also recently finished building the doors for the closet that he built for coats, our vacuum and extra unsightly things like yoga mats and hopefully very soon, the giant printer. I'm still responsible for painting these doors, which I plan on doing very soon. 


In the bedroom I added new curtains that I purchased from Pottery Barn on sale. They're the Emery Linen drapes in wheat. The original intention was to hang them in the living room but I ran out of rings for that large window in the bedroom, so I had to switch them up at the last minute. They look really good, because throughout my entire home, I keep the color palette pretty similar. The mustardy, camel, golden, yellow color (like how I call it that?) remains consistent as a secondary color paired with gray walls. I only switch up the accent color from room to room. 

In other areas of the apartment, I have moved on to the kitchen, which I'll discuss in the next post. Little by little it's all coming together and I am very excited to to share the progress. The big plan is to have this apartment properly photographed, and hopefully very hopeful, have it published. 

Thanks for reading! 

Upholstery by: Timber & Cloth