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Have you seen or heard about this yet? The Chateau de Gudanes is an abandoned, neglected and ruined chateau tucked into a deep valley in the French Pyrénées. You can follow the journey of the building's rehabilitation on their website and Instagram at [chateaugudanes]. I just recently learned about it thanks to a friend and I'm completely obsessed, especially with the images of the free ranging horses - even indoors. It's seriously a place on the web where dreams are made.  Swoon!

In 1745, Louis Gaspard de Sales, Marquis de Gudanes, employed Parisian architect Gabriel (also responsible for La Petit Trianon at Versailles and Place de la Concorde) to design Chateau de Gudanes in the fashionable style of the time - which could still be in my opinion considered fashionable, La Petit Trianon is one of my most favorite buildings.  The Chateau was built on the site of an earlier castle, dating back to the 13th century that was largely degraded in 1580 during the wars of religion. 

Changing hands over 8 times between two different families, from the French Revolution to the 20th century, the Chateau experienced many ups and downs from pillaging to renovations, until in 1989, the site was purchased by a Syndicate, to be converted into a luxury hotel. However, after being declared a historical monument, zoning laws would not allow for the necessary changes to be made in order for it to function as a hotel. This unfortunately left the building to fall into despair until in 2013, the Chateau was purchased by an Australian family, set to resurrected back to it's former glory.  

I started reading the blog [here] about the restorations and got hooked! So if you're a Francophile or a history buff like myself you will definitely want to check it out. 

All the images came from the website of Chateau de Gudanes or the Instagram account of Chateau de Gudanes. 

The below pictures are images from the recent September 2014 Harper's Bazaar Australia feature about the family who currently owns the Chateau.