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LIFE | Say Hello To The Latest Homepolish Designer

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"Deco Dreamland" Design by Homepolish Designer Casey DeBois | Photography by Claire Esparros

"Deco Dreamland" Design by Homepolish Designer Casey DeBois | Photography by Claire Esparros

Wow, two posts in one week! You all are lucky. I'm very excited to announce that I recently have been accepted into the pool of talented Homepolish interior designers! If you're not familiar with Homepolish, here's a quick background on the company [in their words here]. Homepolish is a startup founded by two entrepreneurs Noa and Will. Noa, an interior designer and Will, a techie, founded the company because they saw a lack in the industry for affordable interior design. The company works similarly to a talent agency in that they connect the clients to the designers. There's a bigger community on the back end that is wonderful for the designers, including complimentary photography and publishing. And for the clients, designers are carefully selected and matched up, based on the project needs, budget and design tastes. All of the work is charged on an hourly basis, where clients essentially buy hours based on projected timelines and the designers are paid a set fee based on those hours. Lastly, there are perks with retailers under the program called Swatch. With Swatch clients are able to purchase products from their favorite retailers at a discounted rate. In the end everyone wins! 

To be brought onboard I had to complete a design challenge. The initiative was to design a space (furnishings and paint - no cabinetry or flooring) that included a bedroom, living room, and a kitchen or bathroom for under $30k (design fees not included). My client was a young, fashionable textile buyer, who recently moved to New York from LA. The apartment was a one bedroom, in a pre-war co-op building. She wanted her home to reflect her California roots and love of textiles, with hopes to incorporate a few textile cuts that had been collected on buying trips. I included a few pages from the project. And keep in mind, the client & the story is fictitious...

If you have been following the blog for some time you would understand that my design philosophy centers around the concept that everyone should be able to live in beautiful spaces. Our homes are our canvases to narrate the story of who we are and what we love, so it is important that we can do that. In turn, beauty does not have to be expensive, it just has to be pleasing to the creator. 

I'm really looking forward to my upcoming projects with Homepolish and I hope if any of you are interested in their service, you'll take a look at the site. There's a magazine that also showcases past projects by Homepolish designers. If you don't live in NYC, no worries, Homepolish is in over 12 cities around the country! And if you're interested in working with me, feel free to drop me a line.