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LIFE | 6 Different Ways to Celebrate With Your Loved One This Valentine's Day

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Can't Ever Pass Up A Photo Booth Opportunity....

Can't Ever Pass Up A Photo Booth Opportunity....

Valentine's Day is this coming this Saturday and I have a feeling a lot of us haven't decided how we're going to celebrate it yet. My husband and I don't take this holiday too seriously, especially since we feel like it's a lot of capitalist mumbo jumbo. He's the biggest critic when it comes to V-Day and preaches that you shouldn't need a holiday to tell you when to celebrate the ones you love, it should be something you consistently do. And I do agree with that, but if you do enjoy Valentine's Day, there are a few little things that you can easily do with or for your sweetie that are slightly more interesting and less expected. Plus, they're all Mr. Fourth Floor Walk Up, approved. 



Okay, Okay. I'm sure you're thinking, what the ---- ? We all know the number one thing that people give their loved ones are flowers and the costs typically go up considerably around V-Day. One thing I've notice though, is that there are a few smaller businesses that are here to help and will not price gouge you (their costs remain the same, you just have to schedule your orders in advance). Just yesterday I found two companies based in Brooklyn that will deliver flowers straight to your sweetheart, and they're not those bad, over priced, red roses with baby's breath, wrapped in plastic! Taproot Flowers is a Brooklyn based florist that specializes in locally sourced blooms. They'll deliver flowers to your door, starting at $38 (with delivery fees starting at $10 per order) if you live in Brooklyn. I like the idea of using flowers that are locally sourced and they're probably going to be the freshest flowers in town. *Update: Taproot was also so grateful for the mention, that they have offered our readers free delivery, anywhere in NYC, with the promo code FOURTHFLOOR from now until 2/14! The other florist I discovered is Buds of Brooklyn, they will deliver a small arrangement for the cost of $39 (delivery included) anywhere in NYC. They're also including a Valentine's Day card with the order by Bittersweet Hearts (pictured below).

Photo: Buds of Brooklyn

Photo: Buds of Brooklyn



I was sipping a cup of my favorite joe at Stumptown last week when I noticed that they were doing this nice little thing called #StumptownExpress, where you can write a love note on one of their postcards and they'll send the postcard for you, free of charge! I loved this idea because it was quick, easy and a unexpected. I love that you're encouraged in the moment, to jot down a quick love note, that will later be sent to your sweethearts. I would head to a Stumptown to take part in this ASAP, while supplies still last! 

My Love Note... Photo by: Lauren L Caron

My Love Note... Photo by: Lauren L Caron



Forget the typical dinner reservations, V-Day is on a Saturday this year! So take your honey to your favorite brunch spot, or better yet a place that you could never splurge on for a formal dinner date, the brunch menu will be much more affordable and totally sweet! Toast to each other with a mimosa and be sure to order a cappuccino or latte with an artful heart shaped pattern. Here's a perfect suggestion, why not check out the new Ladaurée Cafe in Soho



Love art? Art loves love, so why not go celebrate with a special date at the museum. A trip to the museum will be the best way to walk off your filling brunch date also.  Would a trip to the Museum of Sex be too expected? Probably, but if you want something a little more classy, I'd suggest the Neue Galerie or the Frick Collection - both are very romantic and less visited than the MET. If you're more of a contemporary couple - try the New Museum

The Frick Collection - Image from

The Frick Collection - Image from



I love the idea of learning a new skill or bettering an existing skill with the one you love! Some ideas are to find a drawing or painting class, or to take a cooking or wine tasting class. I've been dying to try this Drink and Draw Class on Wednesday nights. It's a life drawing class that is $10, you get to draw and drink all the PBR you want and if you're not a cheap beer lover, you can also BYOB. Sounds like a good time, am I right?



I don't really understand why everyone gets so hung up on doing something on the exact date of Valentine's Day - why not gift your lover a weekend getaway on a different weekend? Celebrating your love for each other doesn't have to be on February 14th only, plus it's something to look forward to. Two places that I've been dying to visit that are nearby the city are the Spruceton Inn in the Catskills or the Saugerties Lighthouse in Saugerties, NY. 


The Spruceton Inn captured by Local Creative Brooklyn

The Spruceton Inn captured by Local Creative Brooklyn

Have any other ideas or suggestions that are not of your typical V-Day variety? I'd love to hear them!