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For those who don't know, I somewhat recently moved on from my visual manager position at Bergdorf Goodman. I have dropped hints over the last few months and my close friends and family have known my plans, but it wasn't right until now that it truly seemed the right time to formally announce my next endeavor. This spring, I launched a design company called Union Adorn. We specialize in interior design, retail design for visual merchandising and creative services, event design, and styling. 

Using the skills I've gained over the years at Bergdorfs, Tiffany's, and my earlier years freelancing at Ralph Lauren, Macy's, Brooks Brothers. I wanted to build a boutique design company that is strongly focused on representing exceptional taste while remaining grounded in the fundamentals of refined design, particularly catered to each client. While our main clientele is smaller independent brands and personal clients, we have also been collaborating with larger brands on special projects. 

There are plans to grow the business into a design collective, with hopes to bring on at least two more lead designers in addition to my silent partner. We will be working towards building a brand that will capitalize on each other's taste, diverse skills sets and styles. I've always had a strong affinity to beauty and anything that I create has to maintain a sense of elegance, so it was only natural that the company's mission is to respect beauty and everything it envelops. Together we are united in beauty. 

Please feel free to introduce yourself to the brand via our website [] and social media platforms [Twitter, Instagram + Pinterest - @unionadorn] where we plan to document current and upcoming projects. 


I'm truly excited about the work that I've been doing under this brand, and am so excited to be able to eventually share these projects in depth A few projects that I can only hint to have dealings with hotel design, residential design, major renovation of an incredible store, presentation upgrades for a boutique jewelry company, and an opening of a sought-after tattoo artist's shop. So please stay tuned for more eye candy. I hope you can follow along on this endeavor and be there as we grow, through the gains and pains of small business!

Any questions or further interest please feel free to contact us at