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FASHION | Friday Style Envy: Emmanuelle Alt

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I have this slight fear of people asking me such questions as: who is your style icon, who is your favorite artist, what is your favorite source for inspiration, or what is your favorite book, band, or city, etc. Because I don't really have a one favorite anything, especially something that has stood the test of time. Maybe it's because I am still developing my innerself or that I can't restrict my tastes to be defined by one factor.  I love many things and have several favorites in each category. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a minimalist. So much so, that I collect favorites too. 

I have tried to narrow my fashion icons list down, and recently came to a realization that there is one style icon that I find to be near the top of my list. Emmanuelle Alt's sense of style is something I can relate to with my current lifestyle of a casual, professional, living in NYC, and her signature silhouettes really work on my body.

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Alt is the editor-in-chief at Vogue France. She has a very distinct style that centers around casual, sexy and cool. There seem to be boundaries around her style characteristics, that she never really crosses or moves too far from.

Recently, when I'm thinking about buying an article of clothing, I'll ask myself, "Could I see Emmanuelle wear this?" If the answer is no, then I won't buy it. If yes, than that's another story. One thing she has that I don't, is the budget for designer and high end pieces, so I have to pick and choose my statement pieces and find the rest within my price range. But the good thing about the original question is that it's keeping my spending down, and pushing me to buy less. 

Let me break down her essentials list and add some options at a price point that I and hopefully my readers can afford. If she's not someone that you relate to fashionably, I would suggest that you do some soul searching and find your muse for your own personal style. It's helpful to have a direction and one that's visual is even better. I've pinned my most favorite looks of hers and others (like the Olsen twins) onto a Pinterest board called "My Style" you can find that [here].   


Alt has wardrobe staples that she can mix and match easily as the color scheme is minimal and pairs well together. At times she'll wear a pop of color - but only in the form of a tee shirt or sweater (something that's easy to layer in with her investment pieces). You can tell she invests in her accessories and outerwear. Often she'll wear a leather jacket or leather pants. Her most "dressed up" looks involve tapered trousers, with a button front blouse or silk tee, however the styling always remains the same - Narrow pants, loose tops, fitted Jackets and heels. If she wears a large coat, it will most likely be belted. On warmer days you will hardly ever see her bare arms, most often she wears a loosely fitted button-down with a great pair of white jeans. And on days that she's doing a lot of walking, her heels are lower kitten heels. She doesn't wear much jewelry, at least from what I can see. She does always have the classic, square-faced, black, leather strap, watch on. It looks like a classic luxury timepiece, which I'm sure was an investment or a gift. She often is seen wearing another classic, aviator style sunglasses. Lastly, I've only seen one handbag (probably because she never needs to), she mostly only has her phone and a show invite in hand. The handbag was black leather, fringe - I think YSL. 

What she says of jeans...

So there you have it, one of my favorite style muses. I have others, but she's a very close first. I would say I have a slightly more feminine aesthetic, as I do love jewelry and will wear a dress or skirt once in a while. I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has any favorite muses, if so what are they? I'd love to know how you try to emulate their style as well. If you have one, feel free to link your "my style" Pinterest board in the comments.