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VINTAGE | My New Obsession with Bessarabian Rugs

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This weekend I visited my parents and my mother had recently purchased this fabulous rug that looks a lot like a Kilem but the motif is saturated roses and leaves, unlike many Kilems that I've seen. We did a little research to find out that it is indeed a Bessarabian style rug from Eastern Europe. The region, specifically is of the Russian provinces of Ukraine and Moldova during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Bessarabian carpets and rugs almost always have a floral motif with a black or brown colored background. Although often reproduced, vintage and antique ones are rare. My mother has insanely great luck at antique stores and purchased this piece for a great bargain. I so badly wanted to use it in my living room but the odd measurements of 6ft x 11ft are not right - too long and too narrow for my square shaped living room. Believe me I tried to make it work! Oh well, someday when we have a bigger home, right? Or how great would it be to find a similar one? Now I'm on a hunt. 

For the most part I see very traditionally decorated rooms with these rugs, but with a little digging I found some contemporary spaces incorporating them and that's how I really like to see them used. 

This kitchen is so fresh and simple, the rug adds a layer or warmth and energy. See more examples in the slideshow below. 

Do you have a Bessarabian rug? Ever heard of these, or was I living under a rock?