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Apartment Updates: "Dressing Room"

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I have big news! Brace yourselves, I have completed my first wallpaper project that I did completely on my own. It took me a full 6 hours to paper a 18 sq foot space that I have named my Dressing Room. It's basically a passthrough between my living room, bedroom closet and bathroom. However, when you open the double doors to my closet it creates an area for me to dress. Papering this tiny space made a tremendous difference in my life in two ways. One, it looks fantastic and two, I learned a new skill! I'm so prepared to start my next project. I have future plans to paint the interior of my closet, but that has yet to commence. In my world it's all about doing one tiny space at a time. dressingroom_after_caron©2014_2


Check out the before and after photos.

The Room Before

The Room After

Amongst other news I'm working on a cabinet for my shoes. I'm planning to refinish what was an old cupboard with the green malachite paper. In hopes of creating a jewel box for my shoes. Eek! Stay tuned. . .


The paper is available from Kelly Wearstler, the pattern is Currents, color way is Gold/Ivory you can order it [here].

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