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Apartment Updates: It's been too long

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Wow it's been such a long time since I've checked in on the progress of my apartment! To no surprise that means I haven't been really doing much. Between life at work and friends I've been very busy with putting my energy towards other things. I did manage to, but never wrote about: 1. painted my bedroom an off white color called Bone China, 2. hung the large Chinoiserie screen my mother gave me up behind our bed, and 3. mounted those ceramic birds I bought at Brimfield [here] on the wall in my bedroom. This all happened a few months ago, just this weekend I photographed the progress!

They're looking pretty sophisticated, aren't they! On the left side (my side of the bed) I have the dressing table, which doubles as a night stand and on Jack's side, which is the view you see from the living room I chose to display pictures and artwork related to our wedding and honeymoon. The top oval image is a photograph of me on my wedding day, the octagonal framed piece is a Sailor's Valentine created by a friend, Lynda Susan Hennigan as wedding gift, the gold frame an old photograph of Venice (where we spent part of our honeymoon) given to us by my mother, and below that is a wedding card given to us by my godmother Gail that is cut out card, also of Venice, and lastly the framed black and white photo on the table is of us on our wedding day. Although these are all sentimental and very personal, I think they're conceptual enough that they display nicely in the bedroom. Sadly, our night stand is starting to sway to the left, I have no idea why or how, fingers crossed it doesn't collapse someday! Moving on. . .

For the month of July I am setting goals and focusing on moving closer to accomplishing them. It amazes me how many projects I accomplish on a weekly basis at work, but how little gets done at home.
To Do List:
1. Porter Chair
2. Kitchen tiles
3. Coat Closet
4. Wallpaper dressing room

On the top of my to do list is to get going on my Porter chair - I bought that about 9 months ago. The latest updates I've made to it include puling the existing fabric off, sanding down the horrid spray paint finish and starting to paint the under layer a dark navy.  The inspiration for the final design came from the Instagram account of Erica Cook (ecmothdesign) of Moth Design. She posted this couch months ago and there it was my answer to my dream chair. Dark velvet with gold leaf finish. In the time between I've settled on two different choices from Kravet. One 100% cotton velvet that is slightly warmer in tone and is about $20 more yard than the other that is a poly blend.

Instagram Image from ECMOTHDESIGN

In this extended time I've learned how to gold leaf. With one at home and two at work projects under my belt, I'm ready to get to working on my chair. So I guess the time hasn't been completely wasted.

On another note, I really would like to have my kitchen to finish before September. I was going to try to accomplish the tiling this long weekend with my father, but he was unavailable.

Another project that's been creeping along is the coat closet at the end of the book shelves. Jack cut all the pieces last fall, but we have yet to construct the final unit. I'm hoping that I can convince him to finish the project this month, then finally I can show that very messy corner in the living room that's I've been hiding all along.

Lastly, I want to wallpaper my dressing room. It's a tiny space and I'm sure it will take no time to finish. Just need to do it! Stay tuned…

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