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A Guide on What to Wear in NYC: Summer Addition!

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Neutral Options

Blazer / Hat / Sunglasses / Nail Polish / Heels / Asymmetrical Tank / Handbag / Denim Shorts

I can't tell you how many of you love the winter addition post [here], but its enough that I have to create a new addition for summer! I find New York summer attire to range across the board from really well put together, crisp and tailored, to some gals that look down right inappropriate. The one thing that is so interesting though, is that even with everyone's different style or look, you can always tell a tourist from a true New Yorker in what they're wearing. Here are the key details, and if you're visiting the city they should help you to camouflage into the crowds of New Yorkers.  First tip for every season though, try to walk at the same pace!

  •  New Yorkers always wear layers. Even in the hottest heat. When its really hot, they opt for sheer layers. Something that I don't entirely find appropriate but for some reason it goes and no one really cares. That's because it's New York, and 'anything goes'.  The on trend items this season, white denim, sheer blouses, the well tailored oversized blazer in blush or neutral tones.
  •  A New Yorker will always have a carry on. What do I mean? Whether you're a lady or gentleman chances are 9 times out of 10, you will be carrying a handbag, duffle bag, messenger, backpack or a man purse. In New York, bags are our vehicles, they tote our necessities like wallets and phones but they also hold our books for the train commute, our makeup bag for touch ups, our sunglasses, umbrella for maybe rainy days, our lunch if we're trying to spend less and often times, our change of shoes. Even on the most simple days, ladies will not leave home without a small cross-body or clutch.
  • New Yorkers accessorize. You'll often see people with a scarf, a pin on their jacket, oversized jewelry or a hat. In New York, fashion is upfront and much of fashion is about expressing yourself. An easy way to do that, is through accessories. These accessories can also be apparent because of my first two points. What sets New Yorkers from out-of-towners though, is that these accessories are also often investment pieces. Women sometimes own handbags that cost more than cars. Many man wear Rolex watches. In the summer, this is no different. The most common accessories that are pulled out in the summertime are the latest hats on trend and the latest sunglasses. Right now, large, colorful polarized lenses are in but if you'd like to always be in style, get yourself a pair of Rayban aviators or Wayfarers.
  • Real Shoes. New Yorkers wear real shoes, they do NOT wear flip flops or Crocs on the street unless they're on their way out of the nail salon or work in the medical profession. Instead, opt for a nice pair of sandals or ballet flats. The streets of New York are dirty and you would not believe how filthy your feet can get when you wear flip flops. It's truly disgusting.
  • New Yorkers are well groomed (for the most part). It is a common expectation in the work place to have manicured nails and hair. Right now, bold colors like tomato red, neon brights and orange tones are the hottest trend in nail colors, however the new neutral is any shade of gray.

Easy Brights

Jacket /  Dress / NecklaceRay-Ban Sunglasses / Nail Polish - Tart Deco / Sandals / Clutch 

Sheer layers paired with tailored separates to keep you looking classy.  White Denim, blazers in blush, or neutral tones that keep it all fresh.






 Never leave home without your carry-on.




Accessorize: Scarves, hats and statement lenses are a must.







Leave your flip flops at the beach. . . Artful sandals, stripy heels, classic pumps or even loafers and slip on sneakers are a better choice.







 Don't forget your nails! Red is classic but neutral whites, grays and blacks are always chic or bring in a pop of color with a blue or purple.

Victoria Duncan

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!