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Notable Professionals: Jenna Lyons & Her Life Rules For Success

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In this modern day of self entitlement with just about everyone working for themselves and creating their own success from bloggers to designers, and everything in between; there are a few individuals who still stand out and are at the top. I'm inspired by many and have been fortunate enough to meet several notable entrepreneurs that I owe a lot of respect. However, for those select few, there must be a particular reason why they have made it to that level. Someone in particular who I highly admire is Jenna Lyons - her brownstone in Park Slope was absolutely gorgeous, her stedfast rise to the top at J. Crew is incredible, and her style is right up my alley - btw, I'm totally obsessed with her leather pants that she wears so well, any outfit with those alone is an inspiration. Luckily, Lyons has clued us in to her means of success.


A friend of mine recently sent me this list, a short feature with Jenna Lyons that appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Porter, Net-A-Porter's new publication. Her life rules for success are a must share.

  1. I work on my instincts. At the end of the day, its all you have. If you don't trust yourself, no one else is going to, either.
  2. You can't fix yesterday. And don't beat yourself up about it-the only reason to beat yourself up is if you don't learn from it.
  3. Respect honesty and transparency. There is no room for people who can't give a clear and honest opinion.
  4. I feel like I'm learning-and making mistakes-all the time. But if I wasn't and suddenly felt stagnant, that would be the thing that would make me not want to work.
  5. When I was younger, I always wanted things to be easier-but I learned that there are always some things in flux and always changing. Then I realized that makes things far more interesting.
  6. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. There is no question. Its a cliche, but it's true.
  7. Never assume that just because we did it one way means that we can do it again the same next time.
  8. I realized early on that no matter what I am feeling and no matter what is happening to me, either personally or professionally, there is no place for that [in the workplace]. I am really good at compartmentalizing, probably to a fault. When you force yourself to do it, you realize that its not as hard as you think.
  9. I don't want to stay looking the same. Someone once said that they didn't recognize me because I wasn't wearing a red lip, so I thought, "Oh, I won't wear a red lip for a while."
  10. Giving feedback in the creative world is so delicate. I spend a lot of time picking my words carefully.

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