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New York Holiday Windows 2013: Bergdorf Goodman

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If you haven't taken the jaunt over to Fifth Avenue & 58th street this season, I suggest you do.  The holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman are always the most exciting. The concept this year is quite 'tongue and cheek' as the team has put a spin on the phrase "Holidays On Ice" turning five secular holidays into icy scenes (Christmas is not one of them). From Arbor Day to Halloween, it's so fantastic to see these holidays turned into wintry, celebratory displays. And yes, April Fools Day is created to be upside down (an incredible feat). Some of my favorite elements are; the miniature Vanderbilt Mansion in the Halloween window, the resin armoire in the Valentine's Day window and the white porcelain birds that perch in the Arbor Day tree. Enjoy! Arbor Day

Independence Day


April Fools Day

Valentine's Day



Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays.



All photos were pulled from the Bergdorf Goodman Blog - 5th @ 58th