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New York 2013 Holiday Windows: Tiffany & Co

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Tiffany_01 This year Tiffany & Co. unveiled their holiday windows and they're designs were deeply embedded in traditions and the nostalgia of the holidays. The theme is very similar to last years' theme using architecture as a medium. However instead of focusing inside the home they have zoomed out the lens to reveal a tiny world of beautifully layered and stacked townhouses that resemble old American cities like New York, Boston, Brooklyn and DC. I am a huge fan of miniatures and especially architectural ones so the intricate details of these town homes brightens my mood. Additionally, they have expanded beyond the windows by adding a layer of drama, wrapping the building in silhouettes and line drawings of townhouses and buildings. This draws attention to their corner of 57th and 5th avenue - it's a tough corner as all the stores are fighting to be the center of attention.


On another note, the product category of precious jewelry is the hardest to display, and especially to display well. As a whole, the architecture is truly the showcase of the windows and the product still seems so tiny and a bit lost. However, through the simple use of color, in adding the blue boxes and the pops of red ribbon and focused lighting to the designs definitely draws attention to the jewelry.

Now, if only we could all shrink to the size of this magical little city and live the holidays that are portrayed behind the glass.

Tiffany_02 Tiffany_03 Tiffany_04

Tiffany Holiday Window Displays - Photo Courtesy of Tiffany & Co. 2013

In case you're curious about last years windows, here they are. Very similar, right.

Tiffany Windows - Photo Courtesy of Tiffany & Co. 2012

Tiffany_Mansion Tiffany_Staircase Tiffany_Window Tiffany Interior

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