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The Illest Toile In All The Land

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Have you seen this?!

Brooklyn Toile

That's right. Brooklyn has a toile that's crazy great and I really wish I had a place to hang some in my apartment.  The new book, by Anne Hellman, Design Brooklyn, with beautiful photos by Michel Arnaud document the high design of this ever evolving borough. This paper was made at the request of Mike D of the Beastie Boys, who explained it's origins in the book's foreword. "The wallpaper was something that we had talked about in terms of the 'townhouse vernacular'; it's something you see all the time. But then, how do you take this period vernacular and have some fun with it and update it? We went over to Flavor Paper, which is right around the corner, and they had a Chinatown Toile. We asked them, Why don't you have a Brooklyn Toile? Then the lightbulb went off, and it seemed like a really simple idea. I thought, 'I'll Google Image some things, copy and paste, and it'll be real easy." But I realized that I have ideas but am really out of my depth to execute this."

Brooklyn Toile in Mike Diamond's Townhome

I'm really intrigued by the book and will definitely be ordering a copy for my library.


The paper comes in two color ways. Can't decide if I like the blue or the red best? More talk about the book can be seen on [here].

UPDATE: Heather Penn left a comment about the Mike D's townhouse being featured in The New York Times. She supplied the link. Thanks Heather!

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