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Halloween: Quick & Cool Lady Ideas

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Halloween is coming up! It's a holiday that I have a love-hate relationship with. From the numerous inappropriate costumes that line the streets of the LES and the loads of overly intoxicated people in bars, to the show stopping creative characters found in Williamsburg, Halloween is always a mixed bag. But in New York City, it is especially fun and encouraging. I can still remember my first Halloween when I was truly amazed by the costumes. Never had I seen so many good ones. This taught me to step up my game.  

If you're hoping to be a hoot this Halloween, I have some fun easy ideas. The components to these looks are ready available online, however I'm sure you can find some of these pieces from your own closet. And when styled differently, they're bound work into our everyday wardrobe.



1. Nail Polish 2. Lipstick 3. Necklace 4. Wig 5. Earrings 6. Faux Fur Cape 7. Dress


1. Dress 2. Handbag (similar look) 3. Wooden Hand 4. Hair Clips 5. Faux Fur Coat 6. Loafers



1. Scarf 2. Leather Trench 3. Aviator Cap 4. Aviator Goggles 5. Lace-up Boots 6. Trouser Leggings


Other favorite lady costumes:

  • Holly Golightly
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Dorothy and don't forget Toto
  • Frida Kahlo
  • The Morton Salt Girl
  • Chiquita Banana


As I age I tend to have a little less time to devote to my costume. There will always be lot of excitement around deciding who will I be each year and nothing is more rewarding than when my friends (and complete strangers) correctly and excitedly guess my costume!  I always try to remain as authentic to the character as possible.

A few of my favorite costumes from years past. Oh hey, Margot!


A few options that I'm toying with for this year or the next:

  • Vermeer's The Girl With A Pearl Earring
  • Tippi Hedrin in The Birds

The Girl With The Pearl Earring


 Hope you have a fun Halloween! Thanks for reading.