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Essential NYC: Fashion - The Perfect Tote

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I've noticed that my post, A Guide On What to Wear in NYC: Winter Addition has received a lot of good feedback. It is also among the most searched and clicked posts on the blog. I'm genuinely happy that I've been able to help others prep for their trips to New York. I really wish I could find that sort of thing when I go to far away places. Because of this feedback I've decided to start a series that is called Essential NYC, which focuses on all sorts of fashion and lifestyle things that I find essential to my life in NYC. First Up: The Perfect Tote, an NYC staple.

One thing about New York lifestyle is that we typically carry a large bag. Unlike the rest of America, New Yorkers don't usually get from point A to point B in cars, so we wind up carrying everything needed for the day with us.  This can be a bad thing for our backs but a good thing for our wardrobes considering that we have more opportunity to seek out the best bags. Often, there are even individuals that carry more than one bag . . . on occasion, I am one of those individuals. It can drive me nuts being that girl on the subway with two, sometimes even three bags, but on the days that I'm going straight to the gym from work or if I'm bringing a lot of groceries into the office for lunches throughout the week, I'll need an extra sac.

One of my favorite shape of bag is the tote. The structure is simple and well suited for books, laptops, lunches and shoes. Also poduced in a range of materials, a tote can be any style from strict utility, to über chic. I'm currently in the search for a more elevated style, since I somehow do not have a single one. Below are a few of my most favorites available now. I'm personally coveting the Times Arrow Tote, drool. Enjoy.

The Perfect Tote


  1. Heirloom Totes - Oxblood - $269.99
  2. Layer X Layer, Cinch Tote - Linen & Natural Waxed - $149.00
  3. J. Crew for High Line Tote - $25.00
  4. Bookhou, Zip Tote - Rain - $90.00
  5. Times Arrow - Jo Tote - Optic Sharktooth - $925.00
  6. Dream Collective - By Kathryn Bentley - Brown & Navy - $300.00
  7. Madewell - The Transport Tote - Black - $168.00 (Can be Monogramed)
  8. Sirogane Leather Works - Canvas & Leather - $159.00