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Inspiration Boards to Be Inspired By

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Many of you may know if the fairly new website, Pinterest.  It is one of my favorite new tools for research and a site I often go to first, to look for images. If you're a user, you can follow me @ Fourth Floor Walk Up. I have always been an avid collector of images and up until Pinterest it was difficult to go back to old images once they had been filed. Now, I can just scroll through and 'pull out' my favorites. On the flip side though, Pinterest does not make it easy to view your favorite inspirational images when your computer is closed or off. There's nothing quite like the authentic pin board or 'Inspiration Board' as we designers like to call it.


This past week at work, after a full year with the company, I finally got around to putting up my own inspiration boards. I know it seems crazy that it's taken me so long but honestly there was never any time to do so. Organizing and adding boards has filled a void in my work life. Really. I'll have to post a picture of the boards when they're 'ready'.


WIth inspiration/pin/mood boards on my mind though, I thought I'd post of a few of my favorites that I've gathered across the net. I love to document other creative's inspirations and here are some lovely examples. Hope these inspire you to tear out some magazine pages or scan some books and print out pages to put up on your walls - to then inspire you to produce something magnificent.


This last image a bit of fun, it's a physical timeline of a brand process. It's there always a beautiful mess when we're creating?


Thanks for reading . . . my best, Lauren.