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Wedding: Ideas & Planning, Where to Begin

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The Barn - Reception Entrance. Photography by Michelle Gardella Photography The best place for any bride to begin planning their wedding is with a story.  A visual story that describes the couple's style and pulls together a cohesive theme.  To make the event special it is important to go beyond just a color theme.  Colors are elements that help in the narration of the story but having a strong concept in mind will really let your guests know who you are and what you are drawn to. I had a million ideas floating around when I thought of what my dream wedding would be, but to solidify the story and really nail down the experience, I needed to sort out the specifics and decide which details were most important to me. The concepts I had from the start were based around my style and taste and relate to our most favorite places that we had visited as a couple. Paris is a city that is very dear our hearts, and I just love all things French, vintage, and charming. Which meant there were a number of to pick from. My top three choices were: a Nouveau Style Affair, a Rococo extravaganza or a Carnival Theme with a French flair. How did we make our final decision? Read on to see. . .

Academy Gardens - Photo by Michelle Gardella Photography

The next part for any wedding is to choose a location, because that will always force you to finalize the overall style. If you choose to get married on a beach in St. John you can not hold a Texas barn party. Our options were slim, and really, I didn't have much of a choice. We played with the idea of the the Boat House in Prospect Park, or a wedding in Paris but the only location that would feel right, would be to have our wedding at my parent's home. Growing up, my mother had her garden, she worked everyday in it and started a business based around her passion. She did garden design and consulting, sold rose bushes and rented out the property for small wedding ceremonies. The garden in the 90s was featured in Country Home, Better Homes & Gardens, and Fine Gardening.  As you can imagine, the location is gorgeous, the perfect place for nuptials. Deciding on this location would dictate the mood, creating a garden party feel for the ceremony and a slightly rustic feel with barn reception. We didn't want a "rustic" wedding so I would have to push the space to it limits and make it the most glamorous that I could without losing the integrity. These elements combined meant that our wedding theme would be most cohesive with the Vintage French Carnival approach.


Soon after our date was chosen as we had to coordinate with the Inn next door about blocking off enough rooms for our guests. We had a basic idea of what we wanted and of the weekends that were available at the end of May early June, 6.1.13 would be our favorite option. Then came the fun part, working on all of the decor and fashion details. Which is where I will leave off for now, next post will be about the decor!  Yippee!

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Thanks for reading. . . my best, Lauren