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Invitations Unveiled . . .

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For my wedding, it was very important for me to get the invites right. I wanted them to express the mood of our wedding, our tastes and of course our love of design.  At times I was thinking about going the traditional route by doing all type and at other moments, doing a modern take but in the end I settled on something that is closest in description to my personal style; a Neo-Traditional route. Which means: using traditional techniques to express a contemporary design. It also reflects the marriage of Jack and myself as individuals being together. I have a love for classic design and history while his tastes lie more in the modern and contemporary age. Am I being too deep about invites? Maybe, but it's our wedding and we'll do what we want to, right?!



With that all said, to better breakdown my thoughts, I combined a calligraphy style font called Nelly Script (traditional) with Neutra Text Light (moderne) and Striped Caps (retro carnival feel) to achieve the mood.  The imagery is also hinting at the theme, a Vintage (circa late 30's- 1940s) French Carnival. To enhance the look, I followed in the color scheme of the event using colors reminiscent of Paris during this time period. The technique is in classic letter press and last but not least, I wanted to add a bit of glamour by pulling in antiqued gold, which can be seen in the envelopes and the edges of the cards.


Finally, the entire direction can be seen in our earlier Save the Dates that were inspired by the environment of the garden in which the wedding will take place. They're definitely a labor of love but I'm so happy I did this and I'm always going to cherish them, just as I will our special day. . .


Thanks for reading. My best, Lauren


Invitations: Letterpress by Boxcar Press, Envelopes & Save the Date prints by Paper Presentation, Calligraphy by Mary Anne Wolf

*All designs are copyright of Lauren Gries 2013