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Life's Little Luxuries: Monogram It!

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Last month I purchased a new set of sheets from Potterybarn. I was so excited to see that they carried ticking striped sheets, in gray (even better) and to make the whole discovery even sweeter was that they were on sale!  Although new sheets are not on my list of must haves, ticking sheets have been on my wish list for ages, so I decided that was reason enough to treat myself with a birthday gift of new sheets! To make them feel that much more luxurious, I decided to pay the extra $7 and have them monogrammed!

Monogramming is something that a girl with traditional tastes has a soft spot for. My mother and grandmother always monogrammed their towels and pillows. My mother is a strong believer in valuing your roots, especially when it is of Puritan blood, so the Richardson name lives on in her towels. It's a very New England tradition but also a small luxury that is often overlooked in modern culture. I highly doubt someone will steal your sheets from the laundry room, but I do expect you'll feel a little more special each time you see your initials on a freshly dressed bed.


The theme of monogramming has carried on to modern products as well - my latest obsession, monogrammed iPhone cases. I am waiting in such anticipation for the day that Jack and I say our "I do's". First purchase, an iPhone 5 monogrammed case with the letters LCL (C for the surname). monogram

1. Wall Letter, 2. Monogrammed iPhone Case, 3. E Reader Cover, 4. Monogrammed Notecards, 5. Monogrammed Towels, 6. Monogrammed Chambray Shirt.


Any other little luxuries like monogramming that you can think of?


My best, Lauren