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Through My Lens: January In Pictures

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Happy New Year! I know it's now February but I am beginning this month with a series of photos I snapped during the month of January. A start to a new series entitled, "Through My Lens" Each month in pictures. This month began a new year, a year that will be huge for me with the wedding coming up in June. It was also my birthday month! Which is of course my favorite month. My fiancé gave me a very special cake from our favorite ice cream place, Ample Hills Creamery in our neighborhood of Prospect Heights. It was several layers of sweets with fudge brownie, salted caramel sauce, 'Salted Crack Caramel' ice cream, and a molasses and bourbon infused ice cream named the Hungry Fox. Work didn't let up after the holiday as the Christmas Decorations had to come down and the newest designs had to go up. We were also knee deep in designing for the upcoming Fashion Week in February (which is next week?!). Of course, a flu came on through all of the craziness which forced me to stay at home for several days. Good books were read and I was inspired by the Parisian lifestyle once again. The weather was bitter on some days and can believe it, reached 60 on another!

Here's to a busy January and hopes for a productive February. If you enjoy looking at these pictures, you can also follow me on Instagram and soon Vine, my name is 4thfloorwalkup.

Thanks for reading. My best, Lauren