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New York Holiday Windows: 2012

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If you've been following my Instagram account you would probably guess that it's that time of year again! The time when all of New York City's finest stores celebrate the season with decorating their interiors and exteriors with festive Holiday designs. It's my favorite time of the year and probably for anyone who is in the visual industry as it's also the time when we get to express our most creative visions to the world.


The team at Tiffany & Co worked through the weekend to install their Fifth Avenue windows a theme rich with luxury as they emulate the classic New York Holiday fantasy: the Upper East Side on Christmas Eve. Be on the look out for miniatures of brownstones, chandeliers and blue boxes. These windows will be on view to the public starting Monday November 19th.


Barney's theme this year, Electric Holiday in collaboration with Walt Disney, features a cast of characters from the classic crew of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck to the new cast of such designers as Albert Elbaz and Nicholas Ghesquiére, Daphne Guinness, SJP and of course Lady Gaga. These windows were unveiled by Sarah Jessica Parker on November 14th.


This year will be a little different for me as I have a different perspective on the department store that I've been crushing on for years. It's the first time that I'm looking at the window designs from the inside having a back stage pass to the upcoming show! Bergdorf Goodman is planning to officially unveil their windows on Tuesday November 20th, unofficially opening on November 19th. As the BG Blog states, "Hoey was inspired by the drama and verve of 1920s Jazz Age, by Busby Berkley’s Hollywood musicals and by the Ziegfeld Follies."  I hope you all are able to attend, dress warmly and enjoy the show! I can't wait! Lastly, if you can make it the store please make sure to head inside to see the work that my team has been up to, from Main Floor and Cosmetics to the 7th Floor of Decorative Home, we have been busy!


Read more about the BG windows on the Bergdorf Goodman Blog [here].