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The Aftermath of Sandy in NYC

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I have to admit, it's been difficult finding the right words to say about Sandy, the major storm that hit the East Coast and destroyed many lives. I really felt the need to say something, considering it hit my city hard and the effects can be seen on all levels. My family in New England and my apartment in the Brooklyn are safe and sound and very lucky. My parents had the worst of it, with a loss in power for three days. We however, didn't lose electricity, Internet or anything for that matter. The most difficulties that we experienced this past week were figuring out how to get to and from work. Jack, even though his shop was without power last week, still had to go in. And for myself, I work in fashion but I also had to get back to work. With such little inconveniences this storm has caused in my life, it amazes me, that I live only a few short miles from the areas that were hit the worst.

It's tragic, how much people have lost, from family members to their homes and everything in between. We plan to do our best to help by giving supplies to organizations and hopefully once we can get gas, I'd like to be one of the volunteers to drive goods down to the far Rockaways. For anyone who is at liberty to help, I am linking a few sites with comprehensive information on what can be done to help at the end of this post.

There are many of images that express the devastation that Sandy has caused but New York Magazine managed to illustrate how amazing it is to see half of Manhattan without power. Probably and hopefully, the last time I'll see this in my lifetime.

For those of you reading, I hope this post finds you well and safe. My thoughts are with those who are less fortunate than us. The following sites list the most up-to-date information on how to help within Brooklyn and NYC:

NYC Communities For Change

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