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Meet Max!

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The sometimes sleepy, often rambunctious and always lovable new addition to our family! I regret to have properly introduced our latest family member until now. We adopted Max the day before Jack proposed to me, so his coming home was overshadowed by our engagement.  I am happy however, that Max was able to be a part of the proposal by licking our faces when we were both on our knees crying with joy.  He's a funny dog with lots of oddities.  He whines about trying to get into bed, pees on almost everything (a total pain in the butt), loves to stand up and walk on his hind legs, and is amazingly great at spooning.


We've already had our ups and downs with his health, the second weekend together he had three seizures! We rushed him to the vet and through thorough examination of his blood levels discovered that he was hypo-thyritic, which means that his thyroid levels were extremely low. We've since had him on medication without any new incidences and he will be going back for a checkup in the next week or so.  We all hope that these extra low levels caused the seizures but we really will not be able to find out unless we take him to a K-9 neurologist.


You may be wondering what Rita thinks about all of this and she seems to be okay. She's lost her role as the center of attention but she's a sweetheart with unending patience. I know Max cares for her much more than she does for him. He kisses her face every morning and forces himself into her bed whenever he can and sometimes she accepts his company. I can only imagine what her inner commentary about him may be but I also think that deep down inside she's happy he's here.