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Bedroom Updates Part 2: The Chandelier


For the second part of my bedroom updates series I wanted to discuss the new light fixture. Remember the pretty chandelier we purchased at Brimfield for under $200.00?

I wanted to refinish the metal because it was spray painted an unattractive gold color that looked flat and fake. I chose a Modern Masters Antique Bronze ME204 finish that I painted on with a brush then sponged off.  I focused the darker bronze color around the crevasses and details. What this did was give the material depth and integrity. After refinishing the metal I had to clean all of the crystals individually by hand. This took some time but it was totally worth it.

Jack installed the chandelier but ran into some issues with our old wiring. He also had to build a circular holder in which he could drill into to keep the chandelier from falling. He's still thinks that someday we'll wake to crystals crashing on our legs.