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DIY: Easy Cushion Upholstery for my Empire Stool

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For my latest project I wanted to update the Empire style stool that my mother had given me to coordinate with my dressing table.  The stool is a beautiful example of the Empire Style with the swans, brass finish and X-form.  The cushion however, had seen better days and I thought could use an update.

This project can easily be adjusted to other kinds of stools and furniture, such as common dining chairs with removable seats. For a quick tutorial read on after the jump.


The supplies needed are:

  • Plywood board cut to size- Don’t worry if you don’t have a saw to cut the piece of plywood. Hardware stores like Home Depot will cut wood to the dimensions you need for a very small fee.
  • Foam padding which can be ordered online from a foam store or at any sewing supply store. I purchased my foam at Mood Fabrics. Foam comes in several thickness and firmness. Decide what kind of foam to use based upon the style and purpose of the seat.
  • Dacron batting, can also be purchased from any sewing supply store.
  • Dust cover material
  • Staples and a staple gun - air gun is best.
  • Spray Mount
  • Fabric and the usual sewing supplies.
*For supplies that are hard to find at your local hardware store order from an upholstery supplier.
 1. Cut foam to size.
2. Stack Plywood board and foam on top of the Dacron batting. The foam can be spray mounted onto the plywood for a secure hold.
3. It’s best to staple the Dacron into the wood at the bottom of the sides instead of underneath the plywood board. This keeps the bottom edge of the board clean and free of unnecessary padding. Pull the batting taught but not too tight that it changes the shape of the foam.

4. Remove excess material.


For sewing the cushion cover, please follow the next steps. This style of cushion is extremely simple - only the four corners need to be sewn.

Place the fabric inside-out over top of the cushion. Pin the corners so that the fabric fits snuggly around the cushion.  Remove the fabric cover and sew along the line of the pins.

Turn the fabric right-side-out trim the excess fabric in the corners.  Pull the cover over the cushion. It should be a snug fit.  Once the cover is set, staple it in place on the board, then staple the dust cover over that.