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For my featured Ideabook this month, I decided to further discuss the need for a home office that makes you want to work. Because many people are taking their work home with them these days, having a great home office is necessary. Inspiration can come from many outlets, but the first place to start is your desk. The important question is, how can you make your office both efficient and inspirational? While researching ideas for my own home office, I gathered images of my favorite spaces and realized the best ones had a few specific details in common: a desk with storage, a good light, an ergonomic chair and great organizational tools. Other important aspects include having a clear design vision, choosing objects that you love and that spark imagination and, lastly, knowing that a pop of color is a good thing!

  1. Topographic USA Wall Map - $40.00  I love the colors of this topographic map. It's also a smart piece of art to add to your office for those days when you're day dreaming of travel.
  2. Chevron Monogramed Dry Erase Memo Board by Studio Elle - $25.00 Note-taking is an important aspect to staying on top of projects, and doing so sustainably with this customizable, dry erase board is even better.
  3. Lauren Table Lamp - $315.00 A beautiful and soothing color, this table lamp in celadon green would be a great light fixture for the home office.
  4. Shelby Desk - $1,680.00 For a more modern look, this desk has a unique shape and design with low-slung drawers that double as shelves for larger objects.
  5. Moleskine® Digital Folio for IPad - We all love our modern-day devices that make both work and everyday life easier, but sometimes we still want to hand-write notes or sketch out ideas. This iPad case and notebook by Moleskine is a magnificent design!
  6. Schoolhouse Extension Cord - $39.00 Sometimes there's no possible way to conceal the mess of extension cords that live within your office. A great solution is to purchase these attractive cords and show off your electrical systems instead.
  7. Scattered Corolla Rug - To keep hardwood floors free from scratches and wear, place a rug underneath your workspace. This oval rug is a beautiful and colorful option.
  8. Pencil Dispenser - This pencil holder sparks nostalgic memories of the diner straw holders. A little playfulness can go a long way when working hard.
  9. Malibu High-Back Office Chair in Bright Green Vinyl with Stitched Ribbing - One way to add interest to an office is to choose a colorful chair. Say goodbye to the common, black office upholstery, and say hello to chic furniture.

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