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Bedroom Updates

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Today I photographed my bedroom. It's not finished yet, but I thought it would be nice to show readers the other side of the bed!  I have been keeping this view a secret for a while because it hasn't really come together until now.

The dressing table was a gift from my mother, a neoclassical style reproduction piece - still vintage.  I'm not really sure of its age, but nonetheless, a nice piece.  We painted it the off-white as it was originally a yellowish grey that didn't work well with the room.  I have a stool that I'm in the process of re-upholstering which will sit under the table.  In the photo below, I have photographed the stool without the cushion. The stool is also in the neoclassical style.  This piece is much older I discovered while removing the current fabrication, it had several layers of upholstery and a horse hair seat!

Looking away from the dressing table is my reupholstered Louis XI style chair that I found at Housing Works.  The velvet is a Mood fabric that was only $30 per yard and the dress form, a thrift store find (for $10) that I also recovered and the hamper, Jack's creation as seen [here]. Enjoy!

Photos by: Lauren Gries