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DIY: Feathered Fedora Hat

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fedora with leather bow

Want more details on the How to? Keep reading.

  1. After removing the leather strap, I wrapped the 3/4" width ribbon around the base of the brim.  I placed the seam where the feathers would cover it, on the side.
  2. Next I sewed on my feather pad - it comes exactly as you see it at the store.  There are many other styles of kinds of feathers too! I chose to place my larger feathers heading towards the back of my head.  I think they're more streamlined that way.  If you like the way this looks you can finish here or you can take it one step further, which is what I did.
  3. I decided this hat needed a little bit of bling, so I added a Trifari brooch that I found at Brimfield this summer.  This is just pinned on so it can be removed.  *Since making this hat I have actually ordered a brooch from Etsy that is brass with pearls - looks a little more vintage and suits the peacock feathers better.  Then, you're done! If you really feel bold feel free to add even more feathers, similar to my inspiration hat. Good luck!