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It's coming to an end, time to shake it off . . . Good Bye 2011!

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It's that time of year when we start to look back on the past many months, trying to make sense of things we've accomplished or have done.  Hopefully we're thankful for our families, lives and loved ones.  I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I have an extremely supportive and loving family, I have an amazing boyfriend, the sweetest little puppy, a cool career at a special company and a home that we can call our own!

The new year is also a time of new beginning, what's down the road for next year? How can we make ourselves better individuals and do better things? Myself for one, I like to think of ways that I can be a better person (to myself and of course others), as well as what good habits can I start and what bad ones can I break in my life.  There's always a long list when you really get down to it and there are always the same few at the top, ie. eat better, exercise more, be more patient, etc. In addition to the big ones, there are always the little things.

This year it was:

Ride horses more

Be a little neater/cleaner

Be more dedicated to my blog

Try a new kind of exercise

For next year?

Cook more often

Buy less clothes (this will be a hard one!)

Draw/paint more on my free time

Get better at organizing

I think those are do-able. Right? Well first things first.  Get better at organizing! How can I be more organized?

Well the first place to start is at home - which is just so overwhelming actually. I need to organize my kitchen, my desk, my bookshelves, my closet, Jack's closet, my dresser, my storage space, under my bed etc.  The only room I have figured out right now is the bathroom.  So please wish me luck this weekend as we get a head start on organization.  What do you think of 2011, what do you have to be thankful for this year? See you in 2012!