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Bring it on Xmas 2012

Lauren Caron1 Comment

Let's hope we make it to next year because I just purchased our Christmas tree! It was almost 50% off and having spotted it's beauty at the Depot before Christmas I knew it would be a good purchase. This year was rough, we tried to save money by buying our tree at Key Foods down the street. But she died only after a few days and for 3 weeks it was actually painful to look at our tree. .  hence the lack of tree photography this year.  So here's to next year, no new tree deaths for this house.  Some people may be happier about that than others, although  I don't really swing either way.  I haven't done enough research to decide which way is worse on the environment artificial or fake?  Yes, thousands of trees are cut down each year, but they're planted for that sole purpose an aren't most artificial trees are made in China? That can't be very good.

So buy one now if you're looking, the other model is already sold out! Plus, it's free shipping!!