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Happy Holidays from Park Slope and Prospect Heights

Lauren CaronComment

Here's a Happy Holiday post from Brooklyn, the picture of Rita was taken this morning before we opened presents.  Rita looks so happy, but ironically she was in the hospital over night on the 23rd.  My mother forgot that some of the presents she gave us were chocolate bars! So when we came home from dinner, we discovered a whole bar of chocolate was missing. Yes, Rita managed to consume an entire Ghirardelli 3.2 ounce 72% dark chocolate bar. . .  a trip to the ER vet and $600 later, she's home safe.

On another note, our new neighborhood is extremely beautiful with large brownstones alining almost every block. During the holidays many of these homes are decorated with brilliant lights and luscious greenery.  On my way to the post office to mail the greeting cards (which are very late by the way - sorry!) I had to snap some photos of my favorite homes.  Please enjoy.