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I'm sure you all think I have been slacking, and I kind of have been on posting but otherwise I have been quite busy.  I just haven't really had the chance to create formal posts about my hard work that takes up almost the same amount of time.  Don't be worried though, I have been taking documentation and posting tidbits (among other things) through my  Instagram account. For those of you who are not yet following me, you can on Twitter and Instagram - user name is 4thfloorwalkup for both (now that I got that plug out of the way). Here are just a few apartment photos that I've snapped in the past few weeks.

In order:

  1. We finally ordered Jack's office chair, it's here but the desk is not yet complete!
  2. I tried my luck at sewing heavy weight upholstery fabric cushions with cording and zippers. . . not so lucky.  I'm taking a break from that project right now, my sewing machine is as well.
  3. The curtains are hung, the faceted lamps are staying, and I purchased this sweet little brass alarm clock.
  4. Late night sketching in bed. I was trying to get out some design frustration on paper.  I still haven't found the right sofa for the living room and I guess the only way my OCD can feel better is if I sketch out my compulsions.
  5. Latest acquisition- a Neo-classical "X" stool for my also new dressing table.  Both are actually not new, just new to me. The stool needs to be reupholstered, my next challenge.
  6. Paint Job- Last weekend I painted the entire bedroom, it's hard to see in this photo but it's the same as in our last place (Benjamin Moore, Flat, Abalone).  The color scheme just works so well and I'm also not up for sewing new curtains just yet.
  7. The Bathroom- Along with painting the bedroom I painted the bathroom and changed out the fixtures.  The room is not completely finished yet as we still need to change out the light fixture and shorten the shower curtain to show off the new paint job.  I painted both the under belly of the tub and the door black (Benjamin Moore, Semi-gloss, Onyx)!
  8. This is just a cute picture of Rita. She seemed to be happy with the redo of the bathroom - same color scheme: black, white and little hints of brown!

And there you have it, some updates on the apartment.  Believe me, there are many more to come!