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Living Room: The Inspiration and Progress

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Since we moved into our new apartment we haven't had a full weekend to dedicate to working on it.  We've been to 4 weddings, I signed up for an AutoCad class that met on Saturdays all day (the Saturday part was an accident), and had guests visiting for the off weekends.  With all of this craziness we haven't managed to accomplish much.  The first few weeks I did some online shopping - resulting in back-ordered products and others that shipped from a third party only arrive with random issues.  I am beginning to think I'm over mail order. In fact I could write an entire post about the issues I've had with mail order within the past few months.  For example, it took two tries to receive the correct garbage cans and you would not believe how ecstatic we were when we unpacked them!  It's amazing how something like a trash can bring such joy to peoples lives. It really is all about the little things. . . .  I've also spent a lot of time antiquing - coming home with the purchases of nesting tables, a danish modern chair, some bookends, a french chair for the entryway.

On another note, Jack spent a Saturday working on the shelving unit.  After 2 weeks he finally put it up, he still has to finish the molding by adding it to the front of each shelf as well as the crown moldings but I can already foresee how wonderful it is going to look!  I spent the latter half of my Sunday last week unpacking books and making an attempt to 'style' the books.  When we originally designed these shelves we expected there to be a lot of open space for decorative objects but surprisingly, most of the shelves are filled with books.  Jack also made the mistake of thinking that our ceilings were 96" high when they're actually 106" high.  What's that phrase? Measure twice, cut once? Well I guess that didn't happen here. It's alright though, we've already figured out how to work around the solution.

I painted the inside of the shelves an off-black, the color being Soot from Benjamin Moore.  It's a very dark grey with a hint of blue, which looks stunning with the contrasting light grey walls, that color is also from Benjamin Moore, called Green Tint.

In addition to the shelving unit we hung a bunch of our pictures.  I ended up doing almost the same layout over the couch as I did in the last place.  Of course my Paris map is the focal point.  I love that map.  We're still waiting on the lamps to come and I would love to get a new couch - I hate my couch.  I have been obsessed with the acquisition of the perfect sofa. Unfortunately, it has been extremely hard to decide on the right one.  In the near future I will explain my couch search issues.

Lastly, I purchased a coffee table from Ebay.  It is a vintage piece that was probably built in the 20's to emulate a Louis XVI period table.  We're planning to darken the wood stain since it looks a little 70's at the moment.  The one down fall which I did not think about was that the corners are extremely pointy and at the perfect knee-banging level! Let's just say that I have bruises several bruises above my knees.  Jack actually laughs every time it happens too, so mean.

There you have it, that's our progress as of now.  We have tons more to do and I can't wait until things slow down a bit. Maybe my messy home is what's been causing my eye twitch, which has been happening since we moved.