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Sometimes Things Just Don't Work

Lauren Caron4 Comments

I usually only like to post my successes but, lets be real here.  Not every idea we have will work.  Which brings me to my latest design dilemma

For the past 8 months I have been dreaming about these two styles of lamps from Robert Abbey.  The first kind is a gourd style lamp, very similar to the Christopher Spitzmiller lamps that I drool over but CANNOT afford.

The second is a little more contemporary.  A faceted shape that reminds me a bit of diamonds.  I decided to purchase two pairs, the diamond like ones for my bedroom in the yellow color and the gourd style for my living room in black with brass bases.  Both styles come with lampshades and are very reasonably priced.

I waited for these for 3 weeks before I ended up calling the company, only to find out they had not shipped from the "third party".  Then 5 days later they mysteriously arrived at my door.  I was super excited to tear open the giant boxes the moment I stepped in the door.

What the unwrapped boxes revealed is that the black ones were much too small - even though I did measure twice.  The yellow ones, were the right size in the lamp's base but the shades were these gigantic drum shades that are at least 16" in diameter - which means that they do not fit anywhere in my apartment, especially not the small bedside tables I was planning to place them on.

Fortunately, the black lamps come in a larger size but I still don't know what to do about the yellow lamps.  I still really love the shape and size of the lamp.  I do not however, want to spend the extra money to purchase a lamp shade separately.  When speaking with my brother-in-law (almost), he mentioned how the big issue with mail order is understanding the scale of things.  It's strange how even when measurements are given your mind conjures up specific sizes.  The other huge issue with mail order is having to spend the extra money to pay fort he return shipping, not to mention the time it will take to take these to UPS.  Blah.  I'm annoyed.  I will probably be ordering the larger sized lamps for the living room. The yellow lamp however, I haven't decided.