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Thrifty Thrifty Success

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Our last trip to Brimfield was fruitful.  We made several wonderful purchases including a sweet French chair, some great costume jewelry pieces - lots of Trifari treasures, and a few items for work.  The one thing we were missing from our basket however, was some kind of storage for the bathroom.

We made a decision that we would need to find something small and cheap because: 1. The space is long and narrow with a pedestal sink that accounts for zero storage and very little room for building something.  In fact, the only space that a piece of furniture could fit is in between the sink and the bathtub, which is less than 13" wide and under 26" high.  2. We could install a vanity, which could solve all of our storage issues but the pedestal sink is nice and suits the rest of the room very well and our budget can not account for a new vanity right now.  Bummer, right?

Luckily, along came mom to save the day.  I have to prefix this with the fact that the woman loves to shop and loves a mission.  This is how it all went down.

I called her on I think a Friday or Saturday and explained to her the situation.  By Tuesday or Wednesday I got a phone call while I was at work,

Hi, LAW-Ren! (that's how she says my name)

Hello mom (I'm whispering because my co-workers can hear everything)

Lawren, why are you whispering?! Oh wait, are you at work?!


Oh okay, well real quick! I found a cabinet for $125, should I buy it?

Um, what does it look like?

It's nice and small, dark wood, you could paint it. If you don't like it I'll keep it! - She would keep everything if she could.

Then Yes.  Get it!

And that was it, I bought a cabinet, sight unseen!

When she brought it down a week later, I was second guessing the purchase.  I never thought it would fit. Until, voila! A perfect fit!  It's a little beat up, but still super cute and holds all of the necessities.  I knew this would be possible! Thanks mom for such a great find!