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Leopard: When Does "On Trend" Become The Bandwagon?

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Yesterday on my way home from work I decided to walk to the 14th street 2/3 train.  I work up around the Flatiron building so taking that jaunt is a bit of trek - not too far but 9 blocks and 2 avenues.  Along the way I started noticing how many people I saw wearing Leopard print.  It was in a range of ways from small accessories to extensively large coats.  I've always had a fondness for this print - including the use of it in small doses for interiors - unless you're Tony Duquette, he always did it right.  Since May though, I have been wanting to fill the void of this animal print in my closet.  I haven't been able decide between a blouse or a scarf.  It's now September, post Fashion Week in NY and I still haven't purchased anything.

There were plenty of ladies and gentlemen caught wearing the sexy print around Lincoln Center two weeks ago and now it's just exploded.

Back to my walk home where I counted the Leopard wear:  5 scarves, 3 blouses, 2 jackets/coats, 1 pair of leopard shoes and 1 handbag.  Can you believe that?! All on my walk to the train and I must add that only maybe 3 of those 12 people wore it well (in my opinion).

Leopard Cardigan from Sadie & Stella

So what do I do, it's such a classic print but when something becomes such a mass trend it becomes very tired very quickly.  If I rock the Leopard will I be too late, will I just be hopping on the band wagon?  I tweeted about there being an over abundance of Leopard on the streets of New York and a few of my friends commented in disagreement but really, do we all think this will last? For how long will we LOVE Leopard like we do right now?

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