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Shoe Storage: What To Do?

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For those of you who live in the city you would understand the small sacrifices that New Yorkers must make when it comes to closet space.  In NYC average people don't really have what the rest of America considers to be closets.  With that being said, we do not have the above luxury or anything like the ones I blogged about [here] with an abundance of space.

Lately, my head has been spinning with ideas of what to do for my shoe storage.  I originally wanted to use the chair rail idea that Martha Stewart featured in the July issue of the magazine. It looks great, but only as good as your shoes look, plus you would only be able to hang your heels.

Then I decided it would be best and more effective if I stored my shoes in shelves that are similar to the ones that Ballard Designs sells, which will store my boots.  After being mostly settled on that idea, I stumbled upon this photograph of shoes being stored in an old cupboard with glass doors.  I loved it immediately.

Having shoes behind glass makes them more precious and showcases them rather than just stores them.  I think a similar cupboard would look darling in my new apartment.  Now, for hunting one such cabinet down!