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A Weekend Getaway & Antiques on My Budget

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In August Jack and I took a trip upstate to attend our friends' wedding in the Catskills.  It was a bit a of journey but a trip well spent.  We had a wonderful time at the wedding, which was extremely beautiful!  We also had a great time exploring the area where we were able to partake in some terrific antiquing!  We came out on top with a fabulous new light fixture for the bathroom, Fish and Wildlife prints and a beautiful 1940s black onyx ring!

The few towns we visited were Bovina, Delhi, and Andes, NY.  We stayed in Bovina at the Mountain Brook Inn.  At a great price of $105.00 (+ $10 for doggies) it's situated on a secluded little farm, where you must cross a brook to get to your room.  Each morning they serve guests a complementary breakfast of home baked muffins and fresh fruit in a sweet little basket!

On the first day of our trip we drove into Delhi town center where we began our antiquing extravaganza.  Steven's Antiques & Collectibles is where I found the light fixture and prints.  There were many more interesting treasures including a vintage fan in great condition (I wanted it so badly but couldn't carry it home on the train) and some great nesting tables!

Next we took a coffee break and visited the two-in-one Blue Bee Café and Steinway Books.  The decor is just lovely and I could easily picture myself cozying up with a good cup of joe and a special book.  With the wonderful weather, we chose to sit outside on the sidewalk to watch the passersby.

The next stop in town was The Fisk Barn Antiques shop.  They have two locations, one right on Main St. and the other a few miles down the road.  The inventory was a little better down the road as they had several great pieces of furniture and other rarities.  This is where I purchased my ring!  It's a little big now, so I do have to have it sized.

Not yet full on antiques we chose to visit the small town of Andes where we discovered a really interested curio-esq shop Kabinett & Kramer, as previously mentioned in the post Mini Trend: Charts for Classrooms Up-cylced Into Works of Art.  The store layout and visual styling in this store was particularly impressive.  After speaking to the owner Sean Scherer, we found out that he also owns an outpost shop in the city under the same name.  Which explains his great taste and the importance of having a store with great displays. The shop in Manhattan was written about in the New York Times [here] and says that Scherer was even hired by Anderson Cooper to design his apartment!  I previously mentioned this store in the post Mini Trend: Charts for Classrooms Up-cylced Into Works of Art.

In addition to the great antique stores, we had a wonderful time at the wedding.  All in all it was an unforgettable weekend and I have a new found love of the quiet towns of the Northwestern Catskills!