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Dia De La Boda: Friends Tie The Knot!

Lauren Caron3 Comments

This August our friends Rebecca and Colin tied the knot!  They're a charismatic, passionate couple that have the ability to make any situation entertaining and enjoyable.  With that said, their wedding was exceptionally fun and beautiful to boot!  The theme was a mix between homegrown simplicity and a Día de los Muertos décor.  Ironically these colorful motifs worked really well and brought the sort of quirkiness one would expect from R&C.  Rebecca designed and organized the entire event herself, spreading the design process out over the months as she painstakingly put together the parts and pieces from the most minor details of decorative ribbon to the grand rental of the location.

The wedding took place in a small town in upstate New York, northwest of the Catskills called Bovina.  The setting was picturesque as they rented a small farm complete with a barn and 160+ acres of fields and trails.    The location set the scene for both a casual and nostalgic atmosphere.  The trees were covered in swag with hanging lanterns for mood lighting, the guest book, comprised of old post cards was nestled under a large apple tree and the pre-ceremonial mingling was even complete with a table of freshly made lemonade.

There was a short bout of rain which began as the ceremony was coming to close but it never managed to ruin the mood of the event.  At one point there was even a full rainbow that caused an uproar of "DOUBLE RAINBOW" references.

The reception took place in the barn where the guests sat at long family style tables decorated with wild flowers (all picked from the surrounding fields) and various antique linens.  The food was especially delicious as it was all locally and organically sourced.  They also supplied vegetarians with a very tasty baked tofu option!  The desert portion of the meal was arranged on a large brick and moss structure, complete with horses at the top!  There was a wide array of fruit tarts and pies along with the 200+ lavender flavor frosted cupcakes!

For the last bit of the party, guests lit and set off 36 beautiful paper lanterns into the black night where they eerily floated up into the sky and created the most interesting ambiance.   All in all this was one of the best weddings I have ever been a part of.  It was an extremely well orchestrated event and most importantly an enjoyable evening where two families and many friends could come together to celebrate the union of Rebecca and Colin!