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Cheap and Cheesey

Lauren Caron2 Comments

For those of you who live in New York City and love cheese, you must visit the especially well priced cheese shop in the village logically named the East Village Cheese shop!  I have had a few wine & cheese parties in the last few months and my cheese fanatic, French (of course) friend brought the cheese.  Both times she had less than $15.00 to spend.  For only $12.00, she bought 1lb of goat, 1lb of brie and & 1/2lb of smoked gouda!  All cheeses were delicious! Plus, it's approved by a real Parisian!

The shop can be hard to find as the specials are plastered all over the store front.  You can only pay in cash and you also must get to the shop early, because they close at 6pm and there can be quite a line out front.  They serve numerous kinds of cheese, along with all the fixin's for a good cheese course.  I also realized upon visiting, that they serve vegan cheeses and tofu cream cheese!  I've never even heard of soy blue cheese, have you?!

I suggest you take a little trip down there this weekend, especially since it's a holiday!  Check it out!

East Village Cheese Shop

40 3rd Ave (between 9th St & Bowery)

New York, NY 10003