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D.I.Y. Project - A Portable Pet Bed

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One of my Brimfield purchases was this old, cheap and kind of dirty little suitcase for $10.00.  There are cleaner and fancier versions out there but for a lot more money.  Isn't it strange that the prices on these have gone up - maybe it's because I'm not the only person in America now who's planning to up-cycle a vintage suitcase.

For a few years now, I've wanted to create a dog bed from a re-purposed suitcase, I wouldn't call it an original idea, but more of a fun craft project.  This idea came about in 2009 when I first saw it on Brooklyn Limestone when Stephanie wrote the post Chic on the Cheap: Pet Bed Step by Step.   The pet bed that Stephanie made is extremely well crafted, and cost her less money than mine did (she only paid $3 for her suitcase!).  Brooklyn Limestone was also very specific in documenting her project, so if you're looking to make one too, she really has included each step of the process.  Here's to one blogger inspiring another! I wonder how many other suitcase pet beds are out there now?

2009 was two years ago and my plans for a dog bed were put to rest (pun intended) until in early 2011 when I was re-inspired by the DIY dog bed on Decor Demon. Isn't Gidget the cutest!?

Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian made his bed a little bit differently from BL as he took the top of the case off and added legs that were a bit more contemporary.  I think its funny how a few different details can completely change the entire feel of a piece.

In the case of my bed, I wanted to keep the top of the case on and lose the legs since Rita's lazy and won't bother to jump in.  As you can see below, that there would have to be a lot of cleaning before I could even start the conversion.  Quickly, I'd like to thank Magic Eraser, for getting rid of the grime (that was not a paid advertisement). It was really scummy.  Don't worry about the insides though, I tore those out.

I used the original components of the bed as a template to make the new parts. For fabric, I chose two different kinds.  One is a pretty light green/blue velvet that I used on my Louis XV chair (that chair lives in my livingroom) and  the other, is a black and white fabric that I had purchased as a sample. Next, I hot glued all of the pieces to the suitcase and here is the finished result!

For the record, she does use the bed, all the time!