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Office In The New Apartment: Part 1

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Recently a lot of my creative thoughts have been focused on giving Jack the best office and work space that he can have (in both our current and future homes).  In each scenario, the office is a part of the living room and it's the first thing you see when you walk into the room - yes I have already figured out the floor plan in the new place.  That means that his office space has to look awesome too, I'm thinking a clutter free but beautifully modern desk, and an attractive yet ergonomic chair are musts.  With these musts a few problems do arise though.  Jack currently has one large monitor as seen below and he plans to purchase a larger one so that he can work on both at the same time.  He also has a gigantic tower that will have to stay since his work requires a lot of memory for his 3D renderings - I think?

In addition, he's also a clutter bug, not a minimalist.  Filing paperwork does not exist in his in his lifestyle and putting away his supplies doesn't either.  These issues combined with the 'MUSTS' that I described earlier do not add up to an easy solution.

Side Note: If you're curious about what will be happening to our current desk when we move, need not worry it will become my desk and will probably go in the bedroom or hallway.  Since I only work on a laptop and enjoy using a pretty chair that is not so ergonomic, I will be able to disguise the office functions pretty well with a floral arrangement or dry bar on top.

Oh and did I mention that Jack has set style parameters as well?  This is how he explained it: "I want a sleek, modern, industrial, and inspiring work station."  Okay, that's fine, but he may have to start working on his cleanliness and filing first if he wants this sleek work station to be achievable.  With all of this said,  a dose of inspiration and a lot of creativity are necessary to make his office happen.

He has already decided that he will build the desk himself and I'm hoping he will document his process since I think it would be really interesting.  When he produces furniture, he's extremely thrifty as he often uses scraps or buys his lumber online.  I've already started to do some digging in my archives and online.  The first place I looked was at the Roman & Williams site, since their work always has an industrial element that they manage to make both sleek and beautiful.  I also checked out Thomas O'Brien's work since, his vintage modern aesthetic  is the perfect combination of our tastes.

I think we have started off on a good foot considering that I have already found a budget friendly ergonomic and attractive chair.

The Darrel Low Back Office Chair (found through Target and other office equipment locations) is an Eames for Herman Miller management chair knock off, it has received rave reviews and is oh about $1K less than the Design Within Reach version.  Also, I think we are beginning to gain a clear direction that Jack will keep in mind when designing and building his desk.  Check out some of our favorite inspiration images below:

He would like to make a desk that has a mid-century modern feel in dark walnut and possibly have metal legs.  We both agree that there needs to be a side cabinet that can hide the tower, maybe instead of drawers it will just  have a door.  We are planning to put the wireless printer inside of a closet along with the rest of the office supplies.  Lastly, above the giant monitors will be a gallery style art wall that is graphic in design and music inspired - which will cater to his interests.  He has a lot of well designed posters from music fests and shows that he played in, back in the day.  Can you kind of grasp our vision?  I Can't wait to show the progress of this project!